Spool Gap: What’s The Impact Of The Amount Of Line On A Reel Spool?

What is the impact of the amount of line on a reel spool?

Can you notice the difference between the two reels in the video below??

Which one will help you catch more fish and why?

Let’s dive into it!!!

Impact Of The Amount Of Line On A Reel Spool [VIDEO]

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Long story short, the more line on a spool (meaning the closer the line is to the outer edge of the reel), then the further you will be able to cast.

Especially if you are fishing with artificial lures, the longer you can cast the more ground you can cover and increase your odds of catching more fish.

It is one of the few factors we have complete control over when it comes to catching fish.

This seems like a minor detail but it can help you catch more fish in the long run.

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Ricky Strickland
3 months ago

I’m a seasoned fisherman but with my line spooled that close to the end i do get wind knots. Thanks for the info.

George Layton
3 months ago

GREAT info Luke, THANKS !!!

Anthony Aultman
3 months ago

Great Tip!

Dennis Thorpe
3 months ago

Great video. I always thought if I spooled my line that close I would get a ton more knots

Theodore Miller
3 months ago

Great info but I do get wind knots any tips on preventing them or to have less

3 months ago

Is there a trick to spooling the reel and keeping the line even on the reel? It seems that when I spool my reels that the line seems to gather at either end of the reel. Thank you.

Paul DiLucchio
3 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Tom, this indicates that the spool is not centered properly on the spindle.

The new reel comes with a couple of very thin washers. If you remove the reel from the spindle you will see one or two pre-installed washers. If the line is piling up at the bottom of the spool, remove a washer. If it is heavy toward the top of the spool, add a washer. This should help fix the issue.

Ron Rudolph
3 months ago

At a glimpse it appeared that one spool had to much line. I’m new to braid so now I know. Thanks.

Steven Busby
3 months ago

Never thought about how the amount of line on a reel could affect cast distance. Good to know.

Stewart Headrick
3 months ago

Never knew this

Harry Ray
3 months ago

Nice job Luke. It’s all in the details. That’s what Salt Strong’s advantage is over other fishing apps/coaches, etc.
Keep up the great work!


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