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Dexter Fillet Knife Review (The Knife The Pros Use)

I'm PUMPED to bring you the Dexter Fillet Knife Review!! This is something NEW we added to the Fish Strong Tackle Shop...
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Spool Gap: What’s The Impact Of The Amount Of Line On A Reel Spool?

What is the impact of the amount of line on a reel spool? Can you notice the difference between the two reels in the video below??..
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The Easiest Way To Catch Slams In The Summer [Case Study]

This fishing report shows the exact strategy, spots, and lure used for catching a slam in under 30 minutes on my first shallow water trip...
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Clues To Find Schooling Redfish RIGHT NOW [Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders! Spot Dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from random) and explain why...
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How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures

This video is all about how to match the RIGHT jighead to soft plastic lures. If you're fishing with the wrong pairing, you might not hook...
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Getting Highly Pressured Fish To Bite [Insider Report]

In this report, I went to an area that I have not been to in years. The trends and the conditions were perfect for this...
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10 Deadly Redfish MISTAKES!

These are 10 DEADLY redfish mistakes anglers consistently make that shut down their success! If you're an inshore saltwater angler and...
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Late Summer New Moon Trends [Insider Report]

Fishing around a new moon can be an ideal time to get a bite, especially in the heat of the summer. This was a quick...
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5 MORE Hacks To Save Money On Soft Plastic Lures

After my video last week, tons of comments came through sharing MORE hacks to save money on soft plastic lures!
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [August 25-27]

We’re THRILLED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are links to the Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to...
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The Ultimate Redfish Course [COMING SOON!]

The Ultimate Redfish Course is COMING SOON! We've been working a LONG time on this course. Back in mid-2022, Capt. Peter Deeks approached...
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How Social Science Has Big Impacts On Wildlife Policies

Social Science has BIG impacts on Wildlife Policies! I had no idea how much that influence was - like certain fisheries, fish quotas...
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3 Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Land More Fish [Insider Report]

We all make mistakes when on the water and this report highlights three HUGE mistakes that were the difference between a good day and an...
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Want To See What A Textbook Redfish & Trout Spot Looks Like???

Want To See What A Textbook Redfish & Trout Spot Looks Like??? You can in SECONDS with the Smart Fishing Spots Platform...
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