How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures

This video is all about how to match the RIGHT jighead to soft plastic lures.

If you’re fishing with the wrong pairing, you might spook fish away that you should’ve caught.

It all comes down to ONE thing.

Find out more below!!

How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures [VIDEO]

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It all comes down to the SIZE of the lure you’re fishing and how that matches up to the jighead SIZE.

This is extremely important.

If you use a jighead that is too big with a small lure, the action of the lure will totally be off.

The presentation won’t be as effective.

This is an easy way to reduce the amount of strikes you get.

Just the opposite applies as well to small jigheads on larger lures.

If you use too small of a hook on large baits, a fish might strike the lure but won’t bite the hook because its too far up near the head of the lure.

Fish typically strike lures from behind, underneath, or the side.

A general rule of thumb to follow is base your hook choice off the number of the hook.

So, 2/0 hooks are typically ideal for 2-3 inch baits.

3/0 hooks match well with 3-4 inch baits and 4/0 or 5/0 hooks pair with 4-5 inch baits and so on.

Now, keep in mind the size of the hook will vary from brand to brand.

If the hook point goes anywhere past halfway on the soft plastic, it is likely too big and you need to change that out.

On the flip side, if the hook doesn’t go past more than a third of the body, then it is too small.

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3 months ago

Solid info. Under appreciated topic

Steven Free
3 months ago

Ha great point no pun intended that’s probably the easiest way anyone could think of to match the correct size hook thanks for the advice and as usual all you do👍😉

Anthony Miller
3 months ago

100% thanks for always sharing your knowledge

Bill Goings
3 months ago

Thanks Tony. Great info.

Donn Christy
3 months ago

Thank You, Tony, for making it simple.

Al Wiedemann
3 months ago

Thanks Tony!

George Layton
3 months ago

Extremely informative & IMPORTANT information Tony, thanks for such a great tutorial !!

Buddy Harrison
3 months ago

Thanks Tony … I certainly appreciate the way you distill the critical decisions down to easy to remember rules of thumb. This is extremely helpful when you have lot of choices to make on the water. With this gouge and the Depth Guide for matching Plastics to Jigs/Hooks, pre-planning is much easier.

Steve Rackas
3 months ago

Tony another thing to consider when matching the jig head is the leader strength. I used the 1 oz. football jig with a 20 lb. leader and the leader snapped. In my opinion, anything from 3/8 on up needs to be on a 30 lb. leader.

Steve Rackas
3 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I do quick darting with my rod. Over time the knot weakens at the point connection.

William (Bill) Krenek
3 months ago

Thanks for the information 🎣


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