Dexter Fillet Knife Review (The Knife The Pros Use)


I’m PUMPED to bring you the Dexter Fillet Knife Review!!

This is something NEW we added to the Fish Strong Tackle Shop.

And it hits close to home for me!

Get a closer look at the knife and I’ll tell you why this is the knife the pros rely on to get the job done!

Dexter Fillet Knife Review [VIDEO]

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This knife has a white handle with a flexible 7-inch blade.

This hits close to home for me because it is my absolute favorite, go-to fillet knife no matter what.

I was previously a Fish Monger where I cut and fillet all sorts of different species of fish at a seafood market.

Not just myself, but others who worked alongside me for 20+ years relied on Dexter Fillet knives day in and day out.

There are a few things that set this blade apart from the rest.

Details & Overview

As I mentioned, this is a 7-inch blade with medium flexibility.

This knife will bend a bit if pressure is applied to it.

You need a knife that bends around the rib bones and this one fits that bill.

The major advantage of these knives is they are a full tang.

This means that the blade runs all the way down from the point of the blade through the entire handle.

With that feature, you have total control of the blade.

Moreover, the handle on the blade has ridges for your fingers to prevent your hand from slipping.

From appearance alone, the handle looks like rough, hard plastic.

But, it is actually much softer than you think.

Now, let’s talk about the blade.

There are plenty of knives out there that are stainless steel.

However, the Dexter Knives are made with a high-carbon composite metal.

Both high-carbon and stainless steel are made from iron but the properties are not the same.

Make sure you rinse the knife after each use and dry it off very well before putting it back in the sheath.

Time and again, Dexter Fillet Knives get the job done and it’s what I have relied on and will continue to rely on for years to come.

Oh, and these are made right here in the U.S.A.!

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Would you be at all interested in a fish fillet mini-course or lesson?

Please go ahead and let me know down in the comments section!

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Hal Owen
2 months ago

yes to the course on cleaning fish

2 months ago

I would enjoy a course on filleting a variety of fish (sea trout, flounder, redfish, cobia)

Rick Thole
3 months ago

I would love to see a course on filleting fish

Gary Robertson
3 months ago
Reply to  Rick Thole


Ken Fell
3 months ago
Reply to  Rick Thole


Larry Carr
3 months ago

I’d be interested in seeing a fish fillet mini course. I love learning new technique for cleaning fish. Especially from a former fish monger! Thanks

Orlando Arana
3 months ago

Yes – I would like to see fish filleting lessons.

Karen Mauldin
3 months ago

Would love video with knife and use with multiple cuts of different fish.

Capt Roy Bennett
3 months ago

I also worked and owned a seafood store where there were times I cut 1000 lbs of red grouper a day in addition to many other kinds of fish including snapper, mahi and tuna. The only knife I and my other cutters used were Dexter’s. I still use Dexter’s for my recreational fish cutting also. Nice video. I agree with everything you mentioned in it. Capt Roy Bennett, Cape Coral, Fl

Shawn Bailey
3 months ago

Interested in a course filleting and proper way to sharpen the dexter knife with the sharpener you mentioned.

Bradley Heath
3 months ago

Absolutely interested in a course on proper cleaning/filleting of various species of fish. Thanks Matt!!

Joe Urbanek
3 months ago

Well Matt, it looks like the idea of fish cleaning is a big demand. I would agree as with so many newer fisherman, cleaning a fish properly is a big deal. I can say whenI started out I butchered my fish rather then filet them. There are a series of video’s out there from Captain Vince Russo on how to filet many different kinds of fish on Youtube. He too uses a Dexter knife but more of skinning knife. Anyway, it would be great and I think this could be one of the best additions to SaltStrong, a whole tab of video’s on cleaning various fish, it woulf be a major hit. Thanks for all your work on this topic.


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