A Quick Way To Clear Line Twists from Your Spinning Reel [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on February 17, 2015
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For an inshore angler, there is nothing more frustrating than having a line tangles in your spinning reel…

I take that back, losing a trophy fish is definitely more frustrating…

But either way, you get my point… no angler likes to get a line tangles in their reels, so it’s very important to clear out twists in your line because that it he #1 cause of the most frustrating of all line tangles… typically called “birds nests” or “wind knots”.

Well, one quick way to avoid and clear out line twists from any spinning reel is a simple activity that I like to call my “Fishing Line Twist Eliminator”.

“The Fishing Line Twist Eliminator’

Here is all that you have to do to eliminate pesky line twists in your spinning reel.

  1. Get in a boat (or a kayak)
  2. Get the boat into idle speed (or get some momentum going with your kayak first)
  3. With no knots, hooks, or bait on your line, simply release the spinning reel bail, and put the end of your line into the water behind you
  4. At idle speed, you should start to see your line coming off the spool from its drag on the water
  5. Get at least two casting lengths of line out, and then close down the bail to stop any more fishing line from going out
  6. Let nature do its magic as the water will automatically start straightening out your line
  7. After 1 or 2 minutes, reel your line back in at a medium pace keeping steady tension on the line
  8. You have now mastered the fishing line eliminator!

Note: Always watch out for boats behind you when doing this…

The Fishing Line Twist Eliminator [VIDEO]

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 How often do I use the Fishing Line Twist Eliminator?

Keep in mind, this can (and should) be done in the following two circumstances:

  1. Every time you spool your spinning reel (to see the video on how to properly spool a spinning reel for maximum performance, click here)
  2. Immediately after you are done using a spoon or any other bait that is causing your line to continuously twist and turn

Note: This can be done with braided line or monofilament fishing line


Any questions or other thoughts on how to make sure you avoid twists and tangles in your spinning reel line?

Then please post below in the comment section.

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Dave Hair

Great tip! Came in handy after the last time I finished trolling my gold spoon as I wanted to have my line in the water traveling between spots. I thought the swivel would prevent line twist with the spoon, but was surprised it did not.

Don Johnston

Since I have 4 grandkids, a daughter and myself who will be fishing, I bought the Ultimate Line Winding System. It is essentially a short fishing rod in the shape of a cane. The new spool of line attaches at the top and the reel at the bottom just like on a regular fishing pole. Tension is adjustable and spool rotates with the spinning reel thus avoiding the line twists. Would you think I would still need to “untwist” the line before my first cast?

Charles Wynn II

Any techniques for those of us without boats? Thank you!

norman ellis
norman ellis

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Find some running water – stream river etc and preferably straight with clear banks. I live in uk so can use a local canal! Setup rod and reel with nothing on end of line. drop line in water with rod positioned over water to clear bankside vegetation. Open bail arm and encourage a few yards of line to flow from spool till current begins to pull line from spool, then walk slowly upstream to straighten and help unspool the line. When you judge enough line is out, pause for a minute or two then reel in the line, obviously between finger and thumb to tension it onto spool.

Old established method was to lay line out on grassy area and wind back in, using friction with grass to untwist line. I don’t think this is good because you can pick up contaminants (?) from the grass.

Charles Wynn II

Thank you!


Nice. It also works with mono.


Nice..beats the heck out of just cutting the line.

Matt Sapaula

Great video! Can’t believe you got such clean SOUND on this!