Speckled Seatrout Fishing Tips

How To Catch An Inshore Slam (Right After A Cold Front)

What an awesome trip! Check out this story of putting an Insider member on his first snook and learn how we caught an inshore slam right after a cold front.
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Tips For Fishing Clear Water Conditions For Trout [Tactics + On The Water Footage]

Clear water can sometimes be more difficult to fish than murky water. Stealth is definitely key and I want to share some tips and mistakes...
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Targeting Speckled Trout In 2020 (With Capt. Matt Chipperfield)

Want to catch more (and possibly a world-record) trout in 2020? Capt. Matt Chipperfield shares loads of information about catching big trout, plus...
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How To Catch Speckled Trout (Right After A Cold Front)

Want to know how to catch speckled trout after a cold front? Learn what lure and gear to use, how to find them, and how to entice these lethargic fish bite.
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Catching 7 Species In 2 Days With 1 Lure (Pre & Post Cold Front Tips)

Want to catch more fish this fall and winter? Learn how in this video, plus see some awesome fish catching action. Before and after cold fronts are...
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Topwater Lure As A Popping Cork? You’ve Got To See This!!!

Have you ever used a topwater lure as a popping cork? It's awesome! Instead of having fish hit the popping cork with nothing to show for it, now you can...
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Easy Fish Catching Strategies To Use Before And After These Early Season Cold Fronts

This insider report shows some easy strategies to use before and after early-season cold fronts to maximize fish catching action. Click to see the report...
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How To Catch GATOR TROUT In The Fall & Winter

Want to catch gator trout this fall and winter? See what the data says about the best time, best lure and best types of spots to catch them are.
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Using “Trends” To Quickly Catch A Slam While Exploring New Waters

This insider report shows how important knowing the real-time trends can be... quick slam while exporing new areas even with Otis causing trouble:)
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This New Tide Forecast Platform Helped Me Catch A Slam In Under 20 Minutes [Insider Report]

This new platform has proven to make the pre-trip plan much easier than ever before as seen by this first trip getting a slam in under 20 minutes.
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How To Consistently Catch Redfish, Snook, & Seatrout [Inshore Manifesto]

Discover the 3 core tips on how to catch redfish, snook, and gator trout than you ever have before without even needing live bait [Free PDF Ebook Included]
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Spot Dissection From Power Fishing Trip [Key Feeding Zone Trend]

This spot dissection shows what key trend to look for when fishing areas with lots of rain runoff. We fished a lot of water, and this was the #1 trend.
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Quick Way To Find Redfish, Snook, & Seatrout In New Areas [+ Lure Test]

This Insider report shows another case study on how to quickly find and catch redfish, snook, and seatrout in areas you've never fished before.
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Spot Dissection: Types of Areas for Targeting Seatrout in the Summertime

In this Spot Dissection, I will be discussing the best types of areas to target Seatrout in the summertime. Along with spot analysis, I will...
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The Quick Way To Catch An Inshore Slam In A New Area (Without Bait)

Want to catch more inshore slams this summer? Check out these four tips that I used to catch an inshore slam recently on just two lures! You'll discover...
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