MYTH or FACT? Watermelon Smell Reveals Trout Honey Hole

Wait, WHAT?!?! – Watermelon smell reveals trout honey holes?

There are quite a few fishermen who swear that the smell of watermelon (or cut watermelon) on the water is a dead giveaway for awesome trout fishing.

So we brought on our panel of 4 anglers to discuss if they have ever experienced this watermelon trout fishing hack.

What do you think?

Listen in to find out.

Watermelon Smell Reveals Trout Honey Hole [PODCAST]

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Watermelon Smell Reveals Trout Honey Hole [VIDEO]

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Paul Edwards
4 days ago

We definitely get the watermelon 🍉 smell down here in Galveston bay. It’s true. When you smell watermelon, trout are around.

Howard Loyacano
11 days ago

Sometimes,when you get into a slick, the Gafftop are on top, you have to get your bait, or lure down below the Gafftop,

Eldon B
12 days ago

I learned this growing up on South Texas Coast at Port Mansfield in the mid 70’s and early 80’s with my G’pa, rest his soul. Those slicks you see at the edge of the channel and in the flats will 9 times out of 10 smell very watermelony. It’s very distinctive and easy to smell. Fish the slicks and you will see it’s true.

William Travers
14 days ago

I have never heard of this. Going to have to buy a watermelon to tune up my nose first. Wonder if it is the same for freshwater fish?

William Holcombe
18 days ago

This used to be standard operating procedure when I grew up. Smell watermelon, find the slick, catch trout, and sometimes gafftop. I still use this smell to key in on feeding fish. It’s the real deal.

James McKinney
18 days ago

I have a friend and fellow SS member who swears he can smell when Crappie are feeding. I have never noticed the watermelon smell but will be looking for it. I will take all the tips and tricks I can find guys! Thanks for thew podcast.

David Hettenhouser
19 days ago

This why I don’t like watermelon ..It’s the smell.

Kim MacCartney
20 days ago

Asparagus is genetic and only some people have the gene. Most Frenchmen and women do not have the gene.

The trout and watermelon smell is real. Most charter captains on the OBX look for the smell knowing they will find big trout.

Ron Santos
22 days ago

I have smelled the same thing with big schools of bluefish feeding.

Steven Free
23 days ago

Didnot listen to the podcast but I have a couple of videos from a guy named Toby (can’t remember his last name or the videos name) he is from Texas and on one of his videos he talks about alot of times when he is on the water looking for seatrout he will notice a calmer area on the water that looks like a small oil slick that smells like watermelon and he says it’s made from the oils of baitfish that when big schools of trout are feeding the slick is made from the baitfish that have been eaten by the trout and the oils rise to the surface considering any oil will rise to the top of the water on it’s own because oil and water cannot mix together


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