YakAttack “ParkNPole” Independent Review (Plus Best Ways To Use It)


Have you tried this “ParkNPole” kayak anchor system by YakAttack yet?

If not, you’ll like this post.

I’m going to show you exactly what I like about this product, what I don’t like, and some tips on how to best use it.

Hope you enjoy my review below.

To start, why would you want this ParkNPole product by YakAttack?

Well, when fishing from a small vessel, you want to be able to do two things in order to effectively fish an area.

  1. Move Quietly
  2. Anchor (Stop) Yourself Quickly and Quietly

I usually just use my paddle to stand up paddle when I am sight fishing from my kayak or paddle board, however, the pressure and noise created from the paddle moving water can be picked up by nearby fish, causing them to possibly get spooked.

I already had an anchor pin, which I use to quickly and quietly anchor myself if I came upon some fish to cast at.

I tried to use the pin as a push pole but it was just too short to effectively push myself around (only 8ft long)

I then made myself a wooden push pole from a 10ft long wooden dowel.

This worked for a bit, but was still a little too short to push myself while standing and was also really bulky.

It would bang against the sides of the kayak while pushing off and it took up too much room on the kayak when not in use.

yakattack parknpole
My homemade push pole from a wooden dowel

After quite a bit of searching online, I came across the Park N Pole Push Pole/Anchor Pin made by YakAttack.

This pole comes in a couple different sizes and options:

  • 8’ One Piece
  • 6’ One Piece
  • 8’ “Link” (2 Piece)
  • 6’ “Link” (2 Piece)
yakattack parknpole review
Here’s a look at the top of the YakAttack ParkNPole

If you want to be able to use this product as a push pole, I highly recommend getting the 8’ ParkNPole Link, which is what I will be reviewing in the video below.

It comes in two separate 4-foot sections which connect to each other to create one.

In addition, I also purchased the 46” extension which makes the entire length around 12-feet long, which is ideal for poling yourself around on the flats.

yakattack parknpole
ParkNPole “Link” – Comes apart which is great for storage

In addition to being an effective push pole, the ParkNPole makes a great anchor pin in the 8’ length.

The company YakAttack has just about every and anything you could possibly need to gear up your kayak and/or paddleboard for fishing.

Better yet, all of their products are made right here in the USA.

Here is a link to check them out – YakAttackUSA

yakattack parknpole
The YakAttack ParkNPole

In the following video, I will be reviewing the YakAttack ParkNPole Link, showing you how well it works as a push pole and also as an anchor pin.


YakAttack ParkNPole Review [VIDEO]

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Overall, I really like this ParkNPole Link from YakAttack (and it really is the pole I use on a daily basis for my kayak and paddle board).

I highly recommend getting the ParkNPole 8″ Link and even consider the extension if it makes sense for you.

Just make sure to take good care of the pole, clean it well after use in the saltwater, and make sure the 2-piece doesn’t turn into a 1-piece anchor…

Any other questions for me on this ParkNPole by YakAttack?

Do you have any other anchor systems you want me to try and out review next?

Let me know in the comments.

Fish On!

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how to catch redfish

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2 years ago

I picked up one of these YakAttack two piece poles for my kayak and really like it so far (have only been out a few times so not saying much). I tied a two pass turkshead around it really tight and it grips the shaft well so the line stays where I put it on the pole which is nice. I’m glad you mentioned the corrosion issue on the threads, I’ll make sure to keep it clean and spray it with some anti-corrosion spray I got from the auto parts store.

These kayak and SUP related tips are very much appreciated.

Kelly H
3 years ago

What sort of line do you use to connect the boat to the pole?

David Dishongh
3 years ago

Which anchor pin do you like the best? Stick it pin, or park n pole link?

Thomas Moran
6 years ago

I wonder if this would be a fit for my Carolina Skiff J16 (15’8″). I don’t have a pole yet but would love to have a light-medium duty one that I could use to anchor or push. Thoughts anybody?

Jim Ross
6 years ago

I have a unique problem. Rather than Buying a boat we joined the Freedom Boat club, which means we don’t actually own the boats; we just use them. So, I can’t attach a trolling motor or an anchor pole to it. I was wondering if one of these poles might work for 18-21 foot Center Console. What Do you think?


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