How To Transport Your Paddle Board Hands-Free [VIDEO]


Ever wished you could carry all of this in one trip (without a cart):

  • your paddle board
  • your paddle
  • your rods
  • your tackle box or cooler

Well, you can!

Wait until you see this somewhat DIY shoulder strap for paddle boards that I’ve been using with my L2Fish board.

It’s awesome.

As you probably know, paddle boards have become a very popular vessel of choice for fishing as of late.

They are stealthy, lightweight, easy to transport, and they can get into some seriously tight spots that fish love to hang out in.

As the industry is growing, newer and more advanced paddleboards are starting to hit the market.

Many are even starting to take the shape and size of a mini boat.

The L2Fish paddleboard – made by LIVE Watersports out of Clearwater, Florida – is a stand-up fishing machine.

It is super lightweight for it’s size, only weighing in around 51lbs, but it is rather wide and bulky.

l2fish paddle board
Here’s me fishing from my L2Fish board

This can create some issues with carrying the board from your vehicle to the water.

You could risk dropping it, bumping it into everything in your path, or possibly even injuring yourself.

I have found a very easy and convenient way to carry the board by using a standard paddle board carrying strap or sling.

l2fish paddleboard strap

Here is a link to the exact strap that I use – CLICK HERE to see it on Amazon

I overlooked the idea at first because I figured it would be a hassle to get the straps around the board with it being so wide.

I had an “ah-ha” moment when I figured I could use the ends of the board to put a strap around.

It was a quick and easy solution.

paddle board strap

In the following video, I will demonstrate how to use the strap with the L2Fish board (although you could something similar to this with most paddle boards).

I also included a great tip to increase the strength of the strap so that you don’t risk dropping your board.


Hands-Free Paddle Board Strap [VIDEO]

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Although I’ve been a kayak fisherman for many years, I love my paddle board.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the transportation aspect of it.

There just wasn’t an easy way to transport my L2Fish paddle board without multiple trips.

But then I started playing around with my kayak/paddle board strap, and it eventually changed everything for me.

Now I can transport my paddle board without a ton of trips.

Do you have any tips or special ways to move your paddle board?

Let me know in the comments.

And if you want to see the exact paddle board strap I use, here it is on Amazon.

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Fish On!

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Michael Rayno
5 years ago

Have you tried out the Blue Sky 360 Angler yet?

5 years ago

I was thinking of getting this SUP. I have a truck and can transport it in the bed. But I have J cradles as well. Can I use J cradles to transfer on the roof of my car?

John Martin
5 years ago

Swell idea Tony, I use a nylon 3/4” rope with two loops and have a towel over my shoulder. It works just fine. And then I have a rope on board my L2 Fish. I also have a 55 lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor. It is much like a little Skiff that is a blasé to sight fish from standing on my cooler. Windy days I plan to fish lea sides of points and islands then stop trolling and paddling and stick anchor in the L2Fish. Just love seeing so much from my new L2Fish. Thank you for the guidance on my new purchase.
Best Regards
John Martin

Sybren Smith
6 years ago

Regarding “Other Ideas” that you asked about when trying to transport a fishing paddle board. We love fishing around the St. Lucie Inlet, but we like going there by boat first. If the fish aren’t biting or the tides are not right, we’ll just hang out and make a picnic of the day. But if there are fish in the mangroves and up on the flats at low tide, we like using our SUPs to stalk them.

The problem we had was “How do you transport 2 eleven-foot fishing SUPs on a flats boat?” I worked with Apex Predator Marine and built these aluminum “forks” that install into our rod holders so the paddle boards are neatly stowed, but not in the way of the docking nor do they clutter up the deck. These work really well with our inflatable fishing SUPs from Bote, because we really don’t have to worry about dings and dents if the ride is rough. The original plan was to use our hard SUPs with foam noodles on the forks, but we never had to go that far with the really great inflatables that are available now.

So now we can motor over to our favorite areas, anchor up, then paddle out from there when the fish are in tight spots.

I’ll try to attach a picture, but I don’t see an attachment icon here for a photo (BTW, yes…that IS a “Salt Strong” flag on the boat next to the American flag!)

Sybren Smith
6 years ago
Reply to  Sybren Smith


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