I was blessed to be born and raised in Winter Haven Florida with its 50 lakes, nine of those Lakes composing the Chain of Lakes. We had the benefit of being 2hours or less from either the East or West coast of Florida both providing some of the world’s best fishing grounds. I also remember spending plenty of time at some of Florida’s beautiful natural springs. Like most kids in Winter Haven I was on, in or around water all my life. I played a few sports when I was younger, mostly Baseball and Soccer. I was never really great at either but I enjoyed being part of a team that worked hard dedicated to the same goal, built some great friendships that I still cherish today.

Family is what’s most important to me and I am lucky to have such an amazing one! Me and the Love of my life, my wife, just celebrated 16 great years of marriage. We have 2 amazing daughters who are gonna grow up and do great things for this world. I love and appreciate everyone in my life, family and friends cause without them I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

I had an interest in Salt Strong as soon as Joe and Luke started the company, graciously they let me become a moderator in the Facebook group. I really got to see what they wanted to do with this new company and the core values that I believe in so strongly to this day: Family, Faith and fishing. I love the way this company treats its customers like they would their own family. It is amazing working for a company that respects its employees and genuinely wants to hear and consider your ideas to improve productivity or creativity. I look forward to serving our wonderful group of customers anyway I can for Saltstrong and I am proud to be a part of this Movement as we shake up the fishing industry forever.


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