About Nick Pavone

I was born April 4th, 1975. The youngest of 4. Two older sisters and one older brother.

Growing up in the Tampa Bay area (Brandon), as a kid I always enjoyed fishing the local ponds. Anything within biking distance! In High School, as I began driving, I would fish the main bridges and piers for Snook, Trout and Redfish.

41” Snook caught off howard franklin service road just before sunrise on a bubba jig.

My Senior year in high school I picked up a new hobby of buying old boats and fixing them up. My first boat for only $200, had a hole in the hull and no engine. I learned to lay fiberglass and weld. I later sold that first boat and flipped two more boats, which led me to a fun 21’ Wellcraft. Just recently, I restored a 1971 T-craft Gulf Stream, originally from Titusville, FL, complete with a full engine rebuild, paint job and outdrive.

My first boat I purchased for 200 bucks.

Life got busy – I married and had 3 awesome kids. I try to teach my kids anything I know about the water and fishing. Something that was never really taught to me growing up. 

My kids with a 27” grouper caught in Tampa Bay.

I am a living organ donor to my beautiful wife. On September 12, 2011, I donated my kidney to my wife in an effort to treat end stage kidney failure.

Now I enjoy fishing tampa bay and offshore. My favorite species is Grouper! And I enjoy cooking (anything from whole pig roasts for 100+ people, to making delicate sushi for my wife and I!)


On the career side, I started out working night shift on a web press to learn the graphic design process.  From press, I went into pre-press and eventually into designing ads, brochures and packaging design. In 1996, at the early stages of the internet and America Online, I began reverse engineering websitesto learn how they were built. I built my first basic website in 1997. Which was hosted on AOL, which alot of people didn’t even know you could host html files on your personal account.  

From basic html sites, I became more immersed in dynamic server-side programming technologies. Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, MySQL, Databases, etc. Each site becoming more technical and advanced. Over time, graphic design was no-longer my passion, however, logical design and programming became second nature.

Over the last decade I’ve built some pretty advanced web applications and managed servers for brands like Advanced Auto, Vigo, The Outback Bowl, Verifone, Kenneth Cole, Bongo, Pandora Radio, Starter and Salt Strong!

Just because I’d like to end this little bio with a nice fish pic, here’s me 100 miles offshore with a nice Wahoo!