ABOUT Cameron Kanner


I was born in Hollywood, Florida and raised 30 minutes outside of a small town named Polk City. I grew up in the heart of the Green Swamp chasing down bream, bass, and the occasional gator with my brother. 

I fell in love with fishing when my brother and I were taking our time reeling in a smaller bream from our aunt’s dock when out of nowhere a massive bass (at least massive to 7 year old me) suddenly swallowed my most recent catch… from then on I was hooked. I quickly switched over to perfecting the use of artificial baits in the local golf course ponds once I got older. My go to was alternating between the PB&J Senko, and the Rapala Skitter Prop when I wanted to throw a top water bait.

This must be why they call them Largemouth… 8lber caught on the Rapala top water lure mentioned above.

I moved to Tallahassee to begin my studies in Finance and Marketing at Florida State University, and quickly realized the freshwater bank fishing I had grown accustomed to in Central Florida was not nearly as bountiful in Tallahassee. I started doing some research and found out the panhandle was full of amazing saltwater spots calling my name. Not knowing much about saltwater fishing, I decided to check out some videos online which is where I found Salt Strong. I rapidly went from total amateur to catching Ocklocknee Bay slams on the regular (which my friends and I considered catching a red drum, black drum, and flounder in the same trip) using the advice I picked up from Salt Strong. I even got lucky enough to hook up to a goliath grouper towards the end of my first year focusing on saltwater fishing.

I would describe the hookset as somewhere between the biggest fish I had ever caught before this… and what I imagine a freight train would feel like on the other end of the line.

Fast forward to 2022 and I am proud to be a part of the company that inspired me to take my saltwater fishing to the next level.


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