Huge Goliath Grouper Landed On Crowded Beach

Published on March 6, 2015 under Beach, Monster Fish

There are three things that can instantly bring a crowd together on a public beach…

  1. The Ice cream truck
  2. Anything Free
  3. A big fish, shark, or Goliath Grouper being landed on a crowded beach

In this case it was #3…

And it was a huge Goliath Grouper that was landed on a public beach in Naples, FL

As you can see from the video, the angler hooked the large Goliath Grouper from a pier, and then walked the large fish all the way down to the beach where they finally landed it among many beach onlookers.

Well done gents.


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5 years ago

It’s a prohibited species, must be put back in the water alive.