This Is How You Clean A Redfish In 20 Seconds Or Less!

Published on March 6, 2017 under Inshore Fishing, Salt Strong

Holy Redfish Fillets!

I’ve seen some anglers clean a redfish pretty quickly, but this guy takes it to a whole new level.

Keep in mind these aren’t small redfish either. These are bull reds.

Now before you get your waders in a wad, remember that Louisiana anglers are allowed to keep bull redfish up to a certain amount (what we refer to as “over slot redfish” here in Florida).

And this is what a Louisiana redfish cleaning facility looks like.

Note: this is also was a razor sharp knife looks like! Wow.

Clearly, this fisherman has been cleaning these bull redfish for quite some time as he literally fillets both sides in less than 20 seconds (and from the look of his cuts, he is getting the majority of the meat).

Ever seen anyone clean a redfish quicker?

Let us know in the comments.


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Michael McMillan
3 years ago

Just got back in from the coast and saw this. Hmmmmm??? I can applaud the skill this guy has but am perplexed at the absolute waste of fish. Our “slot” reds here in Texas are 20 to 28 inches, plus we get an over slot bonus tag and can purchase an additional over slot bonus red drum tag if we wish. Last year I had one over slot of 32 inches and one just over 36 inches and I assure all that not a spec of meat was wasted…to include the belly meat…on any I kept regardless of size. (And yes, I even used the head and bones to make soup stock.) Again, I am not complaining about the evident waste but this same guy might be considered with a tad bit of animosity around the people I fish with…Indeed, they may do things a bit different where he’s from.