This Guy Shows You How To Stone A MONSTER Roosterfish!

Published on August 3, 2015 under Salt Strong, Spearfishing, Underwater

First of all, for any of you that aren’t familiar with the term “Stone” or “Stoned” in spearfishing, let me clarify the meaning real quick.

To Stone a Fish: (aka “Kill Shot”, aka “The Fish Goes Lifeless like a Stone”): To properly stone a fish, your spear shot needs to break the fish’s spine or hit its brain. It might sound like a negative connotation, but stoning a fish is actually much better for the fish in terms of a quick death, and it is much better for the habitat and the diver (as a wounded fish can drag your spear all over coral, they can run into things, and they have even been known to attack divers, etc.).

In this video below of a guy spearing a MONSTER Roosterfish in Panama, he gets an amazing shot (certainly hitting part of the rooster fish’s spine), and with what appears little resistance from one of the greatest fighting fish in the sea, brings it up for dinner.

Related Video: “Roosterfish On The Fly In Mexico” (watch it here)

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