This Small Girl Attempts To Fight A Goliath Grouper With A Hand Line!

Published on August 20, 2015 under Fishing FUN, Monster Fish, Salt Strong

Yep, this is the same gal that made it on our home page a couple weeks ago with her uncanny ability to throw a 10ft cast net like a champ!

(If you didn’t see “This Girl Throws a 10ft Cast Net Better Than Most Men”, click here to watch it)

This female angler’s name is Jessica Jae, and in this video she is attempting to land a Goliath Grouper using a handline somewhere in Florida.

Who wins the battle?

I won’t ruin it for you, check it out yourself below!

And make sure to go follow Jessica on Instagram here at @_jessicajae

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4 years ago

I got news for all you people , after watching her work , Ha That ain’t no little girl at all , that’s one healthy woman. I was expecting a little girl Ha LOL She’s very healthy girl , only small compared to Fish she caught, Thanks

Jude Hunt
4 years ago

LOL… I really enjoyed watching her in action. I heard that shortly after this video, the Coast Guard boarded them because they heard that there was visible crack on board. …Sorry, couldn’t resist. All the same, pretty impressive to bring that in bare handed.