Watch This Terrified Kayak Angler Attempt To Outrun A Florida Lightning Storm!

I hate it for this guy!

There is nothing worse than being out on the water when a Florida lightning storm sneaks up on you out of nowhere.

And I know from personal experience how miserable it is trying to outrun a fast moving Florida storm in a boat, but I can’t imagine having to do it in a kayak.

Good news is he lived to tell the tale!

Here are the notes from this wild lightning footage that made ABC News:

Erik Walasek told ABC News today that he always has his GoPro set up on a pole in his kayak when he goes fishing in the mangroves in Aripeka, Florida, and on the afternoon of Aug. 15, he recorded much more than just a few red fish catches.

“Before we went out, it was clear skies and down here it literally changes from clear skies to clouds to storms,” he said of the day that he filmed the video while fishing with his friend.

“In the summer, the storms literally pop up wherever they want to,” said Walasek, a 30-year-old plastics manufacturer.

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Tony Acevedo
5 years ago

I’ve been in that situation quite a few times the past 2 months. First thing I do is lay my rods down, If I’m too far from where I launched I throw on the rain gear and bury myself in the mangroves. I think it’s way safer than trying to outrun it! (Especially with 2 lightning rods sticking up like he had)

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