[The Ultimate Interactive Online Kayak Fishing Course]

Here's What You Get Inside!

Take a look below at what you’ll learn and how you'll be able to catch consistent inshore fish from your kayak regardless of tides, temps, and wind.

Catch More Inshore Fish From Your Kayak. Guaranteed!


"The Interactive Kayak Fishing Formula" 
Over 30 private high-quality videos revealing Tony's secrets to finding (and catching) inshore fish all year long from a kayak (with updates for life)

  • Tony's "Inshore Kayak Mastery" online course is over 30 videos that teach you his entire formula for locating and catching inshore fish from a kayak any time, anywhere.
  • Discover WHERE to find feeding inshore fish, WHEN they will be most likely to be feeding, and WHAT lures they will be most likely to attack.
  • The best news is that the private course is accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone. All the time.
  • You also receive all new video additions, updates, and new tips for life once you are in.
  • And the course is truly interactive as you can ask questions and share ideas with fellow inshore anglers that love catching inshore fish from a kayak.
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How To Pre-Plan Your Trips Like A Pro
Learn how to locate structure and new spots!

  • Discover how to "Read The Water" and locate new inshore spots like a pro
  • Find hidden "honey holes" using Tony's special "Kayak Checklist Technique" Pre-Planning system.
  • How to find the best launch areas in your kayak
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What Kayak Equipment Do You Really Need (And What You Should Avoid Paying For)
Discover the must-have equipment along with what is a waste of time and money.

  • Get advanced tips on how to rig your kayak like a pro
  • Discover Tony's formula for knowing exactly when the best time will be to catch feeding redfish
  • Learn how to save massive amounts of money on reels, lures, and other equipment
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Learn How To Fish From Your Kayak For Every Situation.
Discover the ideal lure and positioning method for any fishing situation

  • Learn how to simplify your tackle box and catch more inshore fish with fewer lures (become a specialist)
  • Discover how position and control your kayak like a pro
  • Learn how to fish in the wind so you don't get blown around
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100% Money Back Guarantee
You catch more fish, or you don't pay. 
Here's what fellow inshore anglers are saying about this course:

  • "Thank you Tony, perfect! After you took time to answer my question (plus I watched how you use online maps and saw the mangrove segment) it helped immensely. I worked in the computer and technology industry for almost 30 years and thought I knew how to use these maps correctly... Low and behold I learned a lot. You are good! I am just now getting into kayak fishing and really love your course. Thank you." ~ Paul L.
  • "Ever since I saw this course was going to be released, I couldn't wait! I kayak fish once or twice a week in Charlotte and Sarasota counties with varied results. Between the Inshore Slammer, Redfish mastery, and this course, I'm looking forward to improving my results. I'm happy to see your example on Bing maps is an easy trip for me. Thanks for putting this together." ~ Rusty C, Florida
  • "Hey Tony, kudos to you for putting this course together. It is, by far, the most comprehensive and informative I've run across in many years of yak fishing, and it's a very nice compliment to the redfish course that came out last year. It should be especially helpful for folks that are serious about getting in this fast growing sport. All the best."  ~ Gary R, Tampa, FL
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Normally $300 - Today Only $75



If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you start
catching consistent inshore fish from your kayak even quicker!


Tony's "One BIG Idea" Video

This is the video that some anglers have said they would gladly pay $500 for by itself. It's 18 minutes of discovering exactly how guys like Tony pre-plan and find new spots. No one has ever taught something like this public for kayak anglers.

$197 Bonus


Bull Redfish Secret Formula

Get Tony's 5-part bonus videos on kayak fishing for big bull redfish. See his EXACT secret spot including how to find more.

$197 Bonus


Navionics App Tutorial & Tips

Get Tony's private video on how to use the Navionics app to find new launch areas, new spots, and more


Updates For Life

Get every single video update or addition ever made to this interactive fishing course free for the rest of your LIFE. This is the last Redfish course you will ever need.


Normally $300 - Today Only $75