These Protestors Want To Abolish Fishing. Find Out Why.

Published on March 30, 2017 under Salt Strong

abolish fishing

I recently read that a grown man was married to his cell phone in a Vegas wedding venue.

No lie.

Humans have officially gone crazy.

As if we didn’t need more proof that people have lost their minds, now we have protestors wanting to abolish fishing because apparently fish have feeling and rights like humans…

Yep, these vegan protestors honestly believe that fish have the same rights and are on the same playing field as humans in terms of feelings and suffering.

I can only imagine the next step is giving fish the right to vote, the right to drive cars, the right to attend college, the right to get government entitlements, and the right to marry…

The top two comment from this video kind of say it all:

“Why don’t they just protest eating? No matter what you eat, something has to die to feed you hunger. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s a pig, a cow, a chicken, a fish, or a plant, it has to die for you to stay alive. That’s life folks.”

“They must be hungry and hallucinating….where did they ever find such idea or law about forbidding to eat fishes and about their rights. Living beings were created for their own purpose and many species of fishes/animals obviously are for consumption. Thus maintains the balance of nature and the balance of nutrients in our body as design by our Creator. How can you impose on sharks not to eat fish. Don’t sharks have right to live as well? Even the small organisms like Planktons have their own role in ecological cycle. The only reason why we would avoid or limit eating certain food is because of contamination and that includes veggies with pesticides or GMOs. The products of the greedy.”

More importantly, when will these vegans learn that fishermen are the ones spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year to protect the fisheries.

Without our money going to fishing conservation, the fish populations would be doomed!

Enjoy the video. Just another reminder that we all need to stick together as anglers to prevent groups like this from spreading.

What are your thoughts on abolishing fishing?

Would love to hear your comments.

Tight Lines!

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3 years ago

PETA….P-retty E-ntertaining T-hough A-ggravating 😀