Why Fishing Brings Us Back In Touch With What Truly Matters.

This could be one of the best fishing videos that we have seen this year…

Not only is the message incredibly powerful, but the redfish footage is one of a kind awesome.

Color me impressed Shallow Water Expeditions!

They do an amazing job of hitting us all over the head with what we all know to be true (that we are addicted to our cell phones), while also giving us a glimpse of how awesome it can feel when we turn the phones off and hit the water.

Aka – “Getting in touch with what really matters”

You’ll know pretty quickly why this video by our friends over at Shallow Water Expeditions is called, “Out of Touch”.

Great job guys.

Note: Give these stud anglers at Shallow Water Expeditions a shout if you are ever fishing up in the panhandle of Florida and want to get on copious amounts of fish. These guides are the real deal.

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Fish On.

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