Shark Attacks Jet Ski Captured On Film!

Published on August 28, 2016 under Fishing FUN, Salt Strong

It appears that sharks and fishermen have something in common…

While hunting or fishing mode, don’t ride your wave runner right on top of us!

And as you can see in this video, the shark appears to be in a shallow water hunting mode and this jet ski was aiming right for him.

Can’t really blame him for coming up and taking a bite.

Here are the notes from the incident:

“My wife and I were on our Yamaha FX Cruiser jetski touring up the western side of Fraser Island, we noticed a shadow in the water and realised in was a rather large shark. We decided to get a little closer to take some video footage and we clearly got a little too close! No one was injured although the jetski did get some small scuff marks where the shark contacted the ski.”

Enjoy the video and be smart out there folks!

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