This Has To Be The World Record For The Most Sheepshead Ever Caught In A Cast Net!

A while back, a video of a guy catching a “boat load” of sheepshead in his cast net went a bit viral (and created a ton of comments and opinions) in our Private Salt Strong Fishing Tribe Facebook Group.

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So here is what we could find out about this wild sheepshead cast netting video.

The guy with the net is a commercial fisherman and he was catching these while not on duty to feed his family while on the Anna Maria Island City Pier in Florida.

And quite honestly, if you are skilled enough to throw a 12-foot net off a dock and not completely rip it up from structure (not to mention, avoiding any getting any bycatch caught in your net), then you deserve every fish that you catch…

I still don’t know how there this many sheepshead in an area where he could get away throwing a net and not having it get snagged on some structure of some sort. And the fact that this many sheepshead didn’t see the net is amazing!

Note: For any beginners to fishing that are reading this, using a cast net like this is NOT the recommended way to catch a sheepshead. This is for experienced commercial anglers only.

Ever seen anyone catch more sheepshead in a cast net?

Let us know in the comments.


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Fish On.

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Jordan Brown
1 year ago

Great video. We cast net recreationally and follow the fwc rules. You can keep 8 a day over 12”. It’s good that not many people cast net. I’ve watched lots of people at the dock catch a few catfish and whiting as we come back most weeks with our limit of fat mullet, redfish, sheepshead, and black drum. Cast netting is a cultural heritage along the gulf coast. Lots of fish out there and it would be a travesty to lose any rights we already have. We eat fish 6 days a week because of the cast net. Fish with a pole and you do good to eat one night.

David LaPointe
2 years ago

Hardly a record but a decent throw none the less. The Man knows how to fish.

Stephen Ragan
5 years ago

During this “season”, a law should be made allowing only one cast per day, and a total number allowed per person.
With the cell phones, calls can be made more quickly to the authorities.

Jordan Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen Ragan

There’s enough laws. Good things there’s more fish

John Williams
5 years ago

Unfortunately, you all are misinformed. This is a well-known tactic and commonly used and known widely by locals on both coasts. In May, go to Melbourne and observe the same. Locals have been doing this and making money for years. The Sheepshead migrate annually along the Florida shoreline and if you stand on a pier, you can see them by the hundreds swim by. Then, just throw out your cast net, pul them in, toss them in your cooler and sell to your local restaurant or fish market. The only mistake that this show-off made was being filmed and letting the cat out the bag. Do some research and see for yourself. This is no amazing feat, just new to those who were not supposed to know.

Andrew Duke
5 years ago

Catching sheepshead to feed his family? Must have a huge family. Salt Strong thinks this is OK? Based on the video, I don’t. I bet in a couple years this activity will be banned when locals say the sheepshead are gone. Hope I’m wrong. I really don’t know the habits and patterns of growth, movement and spawning for this species, but if this is a spawn gathering it’s doubly disturbing and why snook are protected and probably soon mutton snapper during spawning. If this is more a normal gathering of fish at the dock, and they don’t move around much, this activity will decimate them. Conservation efforts are always so behind the actual problems they try to fix, why not get ahead of some problems and prevent instead of react? So, maybe I’m totally off base with my comments. I really only have the video to see as evidence, but I am tired of seeing folks harvest way more than they really need to feed a family, in one single outing.

4 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Duke

Lets focus conservation efforts on the environment and not on the fish. Too many times I see emotional outbursts from people that only see the harvest, yet look past the fact that these fish were pulled from red tide infested waters and would probably die anyways.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Agreed!! Wisely spoken sir.

Billy tugwell
4 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Duke

Yep, you are wrong. There is no limit on sheep head. Most people consider them a trash fish. And who are you to say how much is too much . I’ve caught 10 times this much they don’t produce much meat and you take the extra and put it in your freezer. Do you want this guy to go fishing every day so that his family can eat fish?

Jordan Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrew Duke

Fwc does a good job of setting limits. This was a good cast, but not unheard of. In this part of Florida sheepshead have been harvested like this as long as nets have been in Florida and we haven’t run out yet. Average score is 2-4 in my experience. He got lucky and has a big net. Recreational fishermen can catch 8 a day. I hope he fed his family and sold the rest. Commercial fishing is hard work and much respect to those doing it legally and following the old way of Gulf of Mexico cast netting

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