Watch These Guys Double Up On Beach Snook Using Barbie Rods!

Published on January 12, 2017 under Beach, Fishing FUN, Salt Strong

It’s Barbie rod time!

In particular, a Barbie snook catching compilation from good ol’ Team Googan.

We hadn’t seen much from Team Googan after he made multiple appearances on Salt Strong last year with videos such as:

  • “Watch This Kayak Angler Fight A Tarpon On A Spiderman Rod!” (see it here)
  • “Angler Throws One-Handed Cast Net Pancake While Talking On The Phone” (see it here)

But he’s back, and this time with some great snook footage all while using kid’s fishing rods.

He even has one rod snap in half!


Note: If you do attempt to catch snook on Barbie rods, do not use the line that comes standard with the reel (it will most likely end up as trash in the water). You will need to re-spool with heavier test line.

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how to catch redfish

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