Spotted Seatrout Steals Fishing Rod Captured On Film!

Published on May 13, 2016 under Fishing FUN, Inshore Fishing, Salt Strong

Spotted Seatrout.

Speckled Trout.


Rod Thief.

Whatever you want to call our beloved saltwater trout, this video will show you just how aggressive they can be right next to your boat (with lots of noise going on).

In the crazy video below, the Salt Strong brothers are out with Chris Clark, the winner of the April Salt Strong Online Fishing Tournament’s Strongest Catch near Anclote Key, Florida.

And while Luke was reeling in a decent redfish, Joe (being the nice brother that he is) put his rod down for a minute to help get some video footage for Luke. But since I was using a Berkley Gulp Shad (that tends to dry out really quickly in the hot sun), I left it dangling in the water a few inches to give make sure it stayed wet…

I mean, how much harm could happen in 10 minutes while we waited for Luke to land his redfish?

Apparently quite a bit!

Check out what happens! Thankfully we had plenty of fresh water on board, not to mention, the Shimano Ci4 Stradic has sealed bearings so this reel should be ok long run (Note: I used it a fishing tournament this past week and it did great).

Enjoy the videos shown below:

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Click Here to see the all of action from that exploration trip to Anclote Key.

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Alan Spolar

Too funny!

Dyke Easterday

Hey Joe and Luke what boat are you guys using in this video?

John Moore

Stopped to take a picture of my son’s fish, and had a rod pulled overboard, amazing how fast the rod and reel disappeared moving away from the boat. Found it later when the seatrout got tired and the bopper came to the surface… lesson to the Captain, put a rod holder in the back… and use a lighter reel!

Stephen Henslee

I do this myself for the same reason. No more! Lol


Very cool…also Bass Pro this week if you bring in a old rod and reel donate it the will knock off $40 on a new ci4

Luke Simonds

Thanks for letting us know about the donation offer bass pro has!

Dale Carter

Like I said my old eyes are playing tricks on me! Following the arrow in the video it appears to be a baitcaster reel and directly underneath the rod is the trigger (or whatever you call it) that is on the baitcaster rod. It is lucky for you that the rod/reel floated and you were able to retrieve it!
I can see now what you are saying about it sitting on the tackle bag.

thanks for the clarification.

Luke Simonds

Yes, we were quite lucky that the rod/reel floated… saved Joe from having to dive it after it:)

I was shocked to see that it floated… I’m now even more enthusiastic for inshore anglers to use small and light reels because they are easier to use over a long day of casting while also allowing for any that happen to fall overboard to be more easily recovered.

Dale Carter

I don’t mean to bash and I am an old man who is blind in on eye and can’t see out of the other. I see in your video what looks like a baitcaster reel (hanging with a bait in the water) on the edge with a spinning reel in the background. When the trout takes the bait and your retrieve the floating rod and start reeling in the fish that rig is a spinning rod.

I am sure that I am wrong and I apologize in advance. If I am correct…what did I win!! haha

Luke Simonds

Hey Dale, I can see how you thought that a baitcaster reel was in the video at the 0:52 mark, but that is actually a spinning reel that is resting on a tackle box with the rod closer to the camera so it appears to be above the rod like a baitcaster instead of hanging down like it otherwise naturally would.

If you look closely at it at the 0:52 mark, you can see that the reel’s handle below/behind the rod, and that it’s the same reel/rod with green line shown closer as the trout is getting reeled in.

Fish On!

James Hembree

I guess presentation isnt all that important if the bite is on.

John Murphy

how did you get that outfit to float amazing