Here’s What 4,000 Pounds Of Trout Coming Out Of A Truck Looks Like!

Published on June 26, 2016 under Fishing FUN, Freshwater, Salt Strong

When you see a trout stocking truck pull up to your favorite fishing hole, one thing is for certain…

Grab your fishing rod and be the first one to get a lure in front of these trout’s faces!

These farm-raised trout don’t even know what an artificial fishing lure is yet, so why not be the first to show them? Haha.

Pretty cool seeing so many trout shoot out in 90 seconds.

These things are so excited to be out of the tank in the truck that some of them are shooting up the boat ramp!

This is Lake Mission Viejo in California and the company that stocks the trout is Mount Lassen Trout Inc.


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ed may
ed may
4 years ago

you need a longer discharge hose, the trout hitting the concrete are already dead.