The World’s Largest Cast Net Throw [40ft Pancake]

Holy Cast Net Pancake!

Not to mention, this thing must have weighed a TON!

I can still remember the Christmas when my brother Luke and I both received our very first cast nets. They were 4-foot cast nets, and they were awesome (especially for young kids).

Of course, over the years we have upgraded our cast nets, and now Luke can throw his 10ft or 12ft cast net with his eyes closed (I am a bit rusty myself as I haven’t thrown a net in years due to going mostly artificial).

So when I saw this video below of a guy throwing the largest cast net I have ever seen (the note on the video says it was a 40ft spread in its longest area), I just had to share it (and I hope you will too).

Can you imagine how many bait fish you could catch in one cast with this guy on your boat?


I don’t know who this angler is, but one thing is for certain… he is 100% Salt Strong.


P.S. – Make sure to check out the video below this of Luke showing you exactly how to throw a cast net pancake (with or without using your mouth)

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To see the most in-depth and easy to understand guide on how to throw a large cast net pancake like a pro, check out this other video below, or click this link to get all of the best cast net tips from Salt Strong Head Fishing Addict Luke Simonds.

How To Throw a Large Cast Net (with or without using your mouth)

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Rick Bridges
Rick Bridges
4 years ago

Salt Strong, I love all of your tips and videos. Definitely helping to make me a better fisherman. This is the Hosokawa style of cast net throwing, originating in Japan in the 1800s. It’s an artform and I’d love to learn it and purchase the net that big in the states. I haven’t been able to find one. Keep on, keeping on!


2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Where is the original WHOLE video titled “How an Asian throw a cast net like no others” goes? In that video, an Chinese/Asian man spend many minutes on how to throw a world-record-largest cast net step by step, from 10′ to 12′, 14′, … 18′, 20′, etc, it takes very detail and lengthy instructions, watch my fellow Asian throw a world-record-class of huge cast net is like a Kun-Fu master teaching us, imagine throw a cast net like throw/spread out many lbs of lead over 40 ft away with a perfect pancake – this is both an art and science, just like watch Bruce Lee practice Martial Arts and his video over 7 min show us step by step, how to use 5 fingers to delay the spread evenly using physics laws – Asian is very good in math, science and tech so we use that mother nature laws/use brain to find ways to solve problem on how to spread cast net evenly up to 40 ft to catch 1,000+ fishes, literally it covers your WHOLE 1,200 sq-ft house LOL:). This is only portion of the “How an Asian …” video. I watched the original video several times but cannot find it on youtube again. Pls tell us where it’s the original video. Time to practice Kun-Fu in Ocean. I talk like that to the White beautiful Bimbo girl, she gives a puzzled look & then said “I don’t know how to throw cast net open widely just like practice Kun-Fu in Ocean! All I want and need is to practice Chinese Kun-Fu in bed?! 🙂 Oh Asian men with brain, money, power, HUMOR, and wisdom that able to solve many problems that’s the best quality every girl desires. You wanna try me?! :O)”. My friend jokingly+laughingly said, “This beautiful bimbo doesn’t know what she talks about. Most people don’t know how to throw cast net, 90% of families don’t know, let alone throw cast net like a Kun-Fu master exercising his muscle to throw 20-30 lbs of lead to 40 ft away open perfect pancake and then minute later pull in 1,000+ of fishes that can serve family dinner for whole week:)!” LOL, they ends with a laugh LOL said, “Comedian genius is you!”

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