This Has To Be The Most Amazing Redfish Dock Battle Ever Caught On Film!


Two Words…


Our friend Brandon Barton is probably one of the best saltwater kayak anglers in the state of Florida.

And this video proves it.

Most anglers would have lost this redfish long before the 1:00-minute mark of this fight.

But not Brandon. The dude just wouldn’t give up on this fish…

From getting completely out of his kayak to having his line wrapped around debris under the dock, this is certainly a catch he will never forget.

Thank goodness he had his GoPros filming.

What an insane battle! Great job Brandon. You are certainly Redfish Strong!


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James Wilkinson
4 years ago

You don’t pull a fish backwards in the water. Doing that will send water the wrong way through the gills.

Thomas Moran
3 years ago

Pretty sure that gills don’t know what direction the current flow is, just so that fresh water is flowing over them so they can absorb the oxygen.

Alan Spolar
4 years ago

What a battle. Great job!

4 years ago

No way I would have jumped in the water unless I knew the area well. Awesome video !!! Reds are my favorite !!!

Spiros Dimitropoulos
4 years ago

Thumbs Up!!!
Great video and a beautiful fish!

4 years ago

Awesome video and great Fish too , Sweet

Gorillaguys8 Dillard
4 years ago

Yea, that was totally intense! Looks like that red knew is way around that dock pretty well! I cannot tell you how many times without braid I would have just instantly smoked off. Good job!!

John J Caprice
4 years ago

Great Fish! Great Fight! Great Video! BUT! YIKES! I had to mute that music track. It hurt my eyes!

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