This Is What Happens When A 150lb AJ Comes Head On With Diver!

Published on June 27, 2015 under Monster Fish, Spearfishing, Underwater

The Suspense is Killing me!

I repeat, the Suspense is Killing me!

First you see just a few small bait fish swimming into view in this video.

Then nothing.

Then a big Amberjack.

Then an even bigger Amberjack that is coming straight for the diver holding a speargun!

It appears to be just inches from the tip of the speargun!!!

Talk about a dream come true for any spearfishing enthusiast.

Can you imagine! Wowzers.

I honestly would not have believed the story had it not been caught on film.

If you stick around until the very end of the video, you do get to see some pics of this monster AJ above water.

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Tuna Vic
4 years ago

Geeeeze Louizzze!!!

4 years ago

Cool clip…that AJ did not stand a chance.   The fish being speared looks alot smaller than the fish being held up at the end of the video clip…..would explain the tight photos….so you can’t tell it is not the same fish.

Ken Jorgensen. Aka catchim all Kenny
Ken Jorgensen. Aka catchim all Kenny
4 years ago

If u wana see a reel 144.6 # amberjack I’ll text u a pic and u tell me that fish is 150# not 850-461-4388

4 years ago

The one getting speared is definitely smaller than the one in the photo at the end.

4 years ago

waoow   so close …..sometimes not the easiest shoot