The Craziest Mullet Run Footage Ever Caught on Film!

Published on September 5, 2017 under Beach, Monster Fish, Pier / Jetty, Shark Encounters

florida mullet run

It’s Florida Mullet Run Time!

And just wait until you see this amazing footage from our friend BlacktipH (see his YouTube channel here).

Every fall the Florida Mullet Run produces some of the best saltwater fishing action in the state.

Countless amounts of mullet make their pilgrimage south to warmer waters where sea grass and algae grow during the winter, which also means more predatory fish following this run than you can count.

It’s a pretty phenomenal site to see!

Heck, our friend Capt. Jeff Maggio even named one his YouTube Channels “The Mullet Run” after it.

And we can’t blame him after watching this incredible mullet footage below.

Warning: If you fish yet don’t live in Florida, this video could have you hanging up your leaf rake for a fishing pole this fall.

Watch Tarpon, sharks, and other predators explode and get airborne on huge schools on the migrating mullet.

Finally, if you have any mullet run footage that can hands down beat this, then please send it to or just post the video in the comment section.

So far we haven’t found any mullet run footage that beats Blacktiph, but we would love to see it if it exists.


The Florida Mullet Run

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Mike. Vernese
Mike. Vernese
2 years ago

Loved in ft Pierce happens every year, crazy people still swim, several people tore up many times

J. Daniel Taillant
J. Daniel Taillant
3 years ago

What is that HUGE fish that feeds at 0:29 secs?

George Thomson
George Thomson
3 years ago

It is a tarpon.