Meet The 8th Grade Fly-Casting World Champion Prodigy [Video]

Ever heard of Maxine McCormick?

If you haven’t yet, you will.


This young gal from the San Francisco area (she is twelve years old and just had to miss her first week of 8th grade to compete with Team USA in the World Championship Flycasting event in Estonia) is breaking records left and right.

maxine mccormick fly fishing
Maxine McCormick getting interviewed about her love for fly fishing

Here are a just a few reasons you should keep on eye on this amazing (and very humble) angler:

  • She is already the most decorated fly casting female of all time.
  • She became the youngest gold medal winner at a world-class sporting event in history
  • She’s set an all-time record for accuracy with a fly
  • She’s been beating everyone around her since she was nine years old!

And yes, she does get out and catch fish with her mad skills!

How cool is that for a father to be able to do this every week with his daughter.

Good stuff. Keep up the great work Maxine!

Check out the video below where anchor Vern Glenn fishes with Maxine (Note: this video is from last year but it is the best one we could find on YouTube about Maxine McCormick)


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