Red Snapper Flips Angler Completely Out Of Kayak Caught On Film!

When my friend Brandon Barton (the same kayak angler that accidentally hooked a big osprey in this video) sends me an email, it usually has an amazing kayak fishing video with it…

So when I saw that he emailed me yesterday, I was quick to open it up and see what he had captured on one of his wild kayak fishing excursions.

And low and behold, it was a pearl of a kayak fishing video…

In this video, Brandon is out on a charter with a new kayak angler and a few other kayak anglers while fishing a wreck for snapper and grouper.

They had the drag locked down pretty hard on the guy’s reel to avoid losing their fish in the wreck that there were on top of, and this red snapper made a run that completely flipped the angler out!

The really amazing part is this angler held on to the rod like a champ and even got a nice pic with the big red snapper at the end of the day.


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4 years ago

I wonder why his PFD did not inflate? Aren’t most of that type auto-inflating?

Michael Soileau
4 years ago

Hope that fish taste good after the trouble bringing it in the boat.

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