Top 5 Cast Net Pancakes by a Girl (with Darcizzle)

Published on March 6, 2015 under Fishing FUN, Salt Strong

Darcizzle (from Darcizzle Offshore) is setting the bar high for female anglers of all ages…

We had the pleasure of interviewing Darcizzle recently (stay tuned later this week for the full interview – it is awesome), and we loved the fact that one of her main goals is not just to catch tons of fish, but to help empower and teach women of all ages how to get out there and have a blast catching fish.

And clearly, Darcizzle can do it all when it comes to fishing.

In this video, Darcizzle counts down her Top 5 Cast Net Pancakes (even one cast net toss in high heels).

Well done Darcizzle, and keep up the great content!

Check out Darcizzle Offshore here on YouTube.

Darcizzle Offshore = Salt Strong


P.S. – Check out our Live Interview with Darcizzle Offshore here.


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