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Finding The Best Beach Fishing Spots w/ Wader Dave

Its beach fishing time! Fishing from the beach in the summer can be a fun, relaxing, and productive way of getting on some fish. All...
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Wading For Redfish: Best Tactics, Tackle, & Tips (With Wader Dave)

Are you targeting redfish while wade fishing? This is one of the simplest ways to catch really nice redfish and all you need to do is...
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Inner Circle Lesson And Discussion [Special Guest: Wader Dave]

This week's discussion included Wader Dave for some helpful insight for catching some great fish while wade fishing along with the latest feeding trends.
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Wade Fishing Grass Flats w/ Wader Dave

It’s wade fishing time! We have seen many requests for some more tips on wade fishing, so we teamed up with Wader Dave (Dave Ulgenalp)...
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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing, Rigging & Catching Fish With Weedless Spoons [With Wader Dave]

Looking for everything you need to know about fishing with weedless spoons? In this article, Wader Dave gives you the top tips for fishing weedless spoons.
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Wade Fishing Belt Review: Foreverlast G2 Wading Belt

Do you struggle keeping all of your gear organized while wade fishing? This fishing belt was made for wading and the best part is...
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How To Use The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait (For Big Trout & Redfish)

Are you looking for a new lure to try this year? The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait is extremely versatile and if you know how to...
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Wet Wading For Big Redfish and Trout [Insider Report]

Nothing beats wading for some chunky reds and trout! Salt Strong Fishing Coach Wader Dave and Lifetime Insider Johnny Boyer took a trip up from...
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Regional Smart Fishing Tactics: Central Gulf Coast Wade Fishing

This lesson will show you how to find great spots along the Gulf coast of Central FL for catching inshore slams (with or without a boat).
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