Dolphin Launches A Jack 13 Times In A Row Captured On Film!


Wait til’ you see this dolphin launch a jack 13 times before finally finishing him off.

Luke and I were down at the end of Davis Island in Tampa yesterday filming some new footage for our online redfish course and we saw this massive school of jack tearing up the bait fish.

Not more than a couple of minutes later, a handful of dolphin came in to feed on the jacks.

We grabbed our other camera (the nice one with the professional lavalier mic was hooked into the tripod) and followed the feeding frenzy around the point.

And all of a sudden I saw a dolphin with a jack crevalle in his mouth (see the screenshot from the video below).

dolphin carrying jack

And then a few seconds later, the dolphin was throwing around the jack like a football!

I can’t wait for you to see the monster toss at the 1:15 mark.

What a pass!

Talk about playing with your food before you eat it.

Have you ever seen anything like this with a dolphin?

Let us know in the comments.


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performance fishing shirt

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Watch A Jack Crevalle Bite This Kid’s Finger Right Next To The Boat!

Jack Crevalle will eat just about anything…

And this video is proof as a big jack hits a topwater kid’s finger as this youngster was trying to feed the ever-hungry jacks.

Certainly a day on the water this kid won’t forget, and he probably won’t stick his fingers in the water next to feeding jacks again.

The jack bit him hard enough that it broke skin.

What’s the craziest thing you have seen a jack crevalle eat?

Let us know in the comments.


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This Kayak Angler Catches Two Fish In One Cast (Without Spilling A Drop Of Beer)!

Everyone loves a 2-for-1 deal!

And our kayak angler friend Zoffinger (check out his YouTube channel here) got a great two for one deal with a pair of jacks (not to be confused with a card hand).

But the most impressive thing was watching Zoffinger dehooking these two jacks from the treble hooks without spilling his beer!

If it had been me, I can almost guarantee my rod would have knocked over my drink during the release.

Well done Zoffinger!

Another great video man.


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This Is What Happens When Two Pro Surfers Ditch Their Boards To Go Inshore Fishing!

Well, our friend Patrick Rhea of LivitFilms has done it again…

He nailed another amazing inshore fishing video (if you didn’t know, Patrick and his uncle Nick Shirghio were the ones who filmed the 2015 Saltwater Fishing Music Video of the Year, “Fishing In Our Soul”)

But this time he was out there with our friends over at Avid Charters (along with two pro surfers).

The two surfers that ditched their boards for the day to take a shot at some nice redfish and snook are Smith Optics pro surfers CJ Hobgood and Brett Barley.

I can only imagine after seeing that sick mullet run action, those two surfers will be back for more…

The captain in the video is our friend Capt. Rob Rohmann of Avid Charters over on the east coast of Florida.

Check out the amazing footage they captured fishing from Jupiter to Sebastian Inlet.


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fishing in our soul

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Fish On.

Watch This Kayak Angler Catch Jack Crevalle Using A Shoestring As Bait!

Earlier this week, we posted a fishing video that went VIRAL where a fishing captain used a jalapeno pepper to catch redfish (you can watch it here)!

So when we came across this kayak angler using nothing but a shoestring and a hook to catch jack crevalle, we had to post it.

And to clarify, he wasn’t using a shoestring as the fishing line, he was using it as the bait!

Talk about catching fish on a shoestring budget!

Oh Snap!

The angler in the video runs the kayak fishing group “Love Kayak Fishing” and you can follow him here on Facebook.


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The Ultimate Fighting TRASH Fish (Video & Poll)

A few months back, we published an amazing (and somewhat controversial) video from Stellwagen Media called “This Louisiana Video Claims To Have Better Fishing Than Florida!” (watch it here if you never saw it).

In that video, Stellwagen showed some amazing redfish footage out of Louisiana that was truly a work of art.

Well Stellwagen is back, and in this video below on “The Ultimate Fighting Trash Fish”, Stellwagen and director Nick Valaskatgis investigate why Jacks get such a bad rap when they are one of the best fighting fish in the water (pound for pound).

The even get to interview Bryan Holeman, who is apparently a “actual bear”.

My input is I hate catching Jacks when I have the perfect bait for another species such as a snook or cobia, and all of a sudden I feel the head bobbing pull of the notorious Jack Crevalle…

But if I ever want an amazing fight on light tackle, there is no better fish to target in the Gulf of Mexico than the hard fighting Jack.

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Dolphin Mom Shows Baby What An “All You Can Eat” Buffet Is.

Holy Baitball!

This is pretty awesome underwater footage by the Undersea Hunter Group of a Dolphin mom showing her young how to hunt off of the Cocos Islands (small island owned by Australia). And by the looks of this ball of bait, this constitutes an “All You Can Eat Buffet” for any dolphin.

And although this feeding isn’t as ferocious of a feeding on a baitball as the Giant Trevally that attacked that pod of bait on the beach (watch that video here), it is still pretty incredible footage of mother nature at its finest nonetheless.

You can see the dolphin mom take a swipe at the bait (showing her baby) at the :17 mark.

Also take notice of the other apex predators feeding off of this huge baitball like Galapagos sharks, blacktip reef sharks, yellowfin tuna and jacks.

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Catching Jacks So Big You Want To Kiss Them.

This new video from BlacktipH (featuring Captain Ben Chancey from Chew on This) is proof that Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.

In one afternoon, the fishing duo goes from catching MONSTER Jacks, to Tarpon, to Goliath Grouper, and even take a few stabs at catching Snook.

I can’t imagine a better day on the water (unless you throw in a few redfish), so kudos to BlackipH on another great video.

P.S. – Did anyone else notice the awesome hat Captain Ben Chancey was wearing? #saltstrong

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Helpless Tarpon Rescued by Dead Jack Decoy (Florida Keys)

This could be the most overall exciting independent fishing video that we have seen come out of the Florida Keys!

And I’ll be honest, after watching this video (3 times), I still didn’t know what picture I wanted to use for the post cover… there were just so many different things to choose from…

Heck, I didn’t even know what part of the video to focus on for the title!


Because this video has sick sl0-mo Tarpon footage, these guys go swimming with a huge school of tarpon, they catch a Goliath Grouper, they catch sharks… the video just keeps getting better and better!

But I finally decided to feature the scene where a huge hammerhead is trying to attack their hooked tarpon, and one of the anglers launches a dead Jack out to fool the shark into leaving the Tarpon alone.

After yesterday’s heartbreaking video of a baby Tarpon getting eaten by a Shark (you can see that video here next), this was an uplifter!

And make sure you watch until the end. Even after the scene with the dead Jack decoy and the Hammerhead, the video keeps going. In fact, a family of Hammerhead Sharks gets lured in by another string of dead Jack Crevalle.


Well done Trent Long, Dan Carvin, Ben Kurth, Chris Davis and Tommy Strickland. You guys are officially declared “Salt Strong”.

Enjoy this amazing Florida Keys Tarpon video below.

P.S. – If you watch closely, the Tarpon swims off when they trick the Hammerhead. Well done guys!

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