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The Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (Sep. 9, 2018)

Want to see the best fishing tips from this week? Check out the Salt Strong newsletter. It's got some great fishing reviews, tips and reports! Pa-POW!
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This Is What The Perfect Beach Fishing Spot Looks Like

Do you want to see what the ideal beach fishing spot looks like? Then check out this beach we fished in Florida with Wader Dave. Tons of fish!
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Every Fisherman Needs This On Their Fishing Rod…

This could be the smartest thing to ever add to your fishing rod... and it's shocking that the rod manufacturers haven't started doing this yet. Check it out.
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Wade Fishing Tips: How To Wade Fish For Trout, Redfish, Snook, & Flounder

If you want to catch more inshore fish while wading, then you've got to hear these tips from a guy who's been wade fishing for 30+ years. Enjoy.
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Wade Fishing 101: How To Maximize Your Time & Strikes While Wading

Want to hear tips from a hard-core wade fisherman who has spent almost 40 years wading the flats? Then check out all of these great tips and shortcuts from "Wader Dave."
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Unboxing The BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel

This one comes from the Salt Strong Reel Room as we are unboxing the BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel!!! We are beyond PUMPED...
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If The Trout Bite Slows Down, Try This Lure…

The MirrOlure Lil John is an excellent bait for producing reaction strikes from speckled trout when the bite slows down.
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Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (August 4, 2019)

Do you know how to find the best trout spots in the summer? Do you know how to rig weedless jigs for more strikes? Click here for these answers and more!
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Expert Surf Fishing Tips With Bama Beach Bum (Pompano & More)

Want to catch more fish from the beach? Check out this conversation with Bama Beach Bum about how he quit his job and became a professional beach fisherman.
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