Best Fishing Tips Of The Week (Salt Strong Newsletter Dec 9, 2018)

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Your weekly Salt Strong newsletter has arrived!!!

I hope you had a great weekend (and I really hope you were able to go out and catch some good fish!

We have some great fishing tips for you this week.

Below you will find the Salt Strong newsletter for the week ending November 9, 2018

This newsletter shows a top summary of the new fishing tips that went live this past week (so that you don’t miss out on any of them).

It starts with our Salt Strong Insider Tips and then highlights our public tips from this week.

Enjoy (and please let us know what tips or reviews you want us to cover next – tell us in the comments below).

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Top Insider Fishing Community [Exclusive Tips]

This section covers the top Insider fishing tips from this past week.

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Top Public Fishing Tips

Each week we release at least one new public fishing tip and also feature a popular one from years past in case you missed it.





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Best Fishing Knots

The knot we use for each connection in our line is one of the few factors involved with catching a fish of a lifetime that we have 100% control over.

So it’s on us to make sure we’re using the absolute best knot based on the connection type of lines used.

All fishing knots are NOT created equal, so strength testing is needed to determine the winners vs. the losers.

Here’s the latest list of the knots that we’ve tested so far for the various line types and connection needs:

The Best Fishing Knots Of All Time [Ranked Strongest To Weakest] (Click Here)Strongest Fishing Knots Guide


Our fisheries are something that we have to do our part in protecting. And that, of course, involves proper handling of our fish that are going to be released.

Here are two very helpful posts that describe the best ways to protect and handle fish:

The Truth About Catch & Release Fishing Backed By Science (Click Here)

Speckled Trout

The Complete Guide To Catch, Photo, & Release Fishing (Click Here)

Salt Strong Fishing Community (Member Spotlight)

Fishing Club member Skye Burkhardt with a nice red (click here to see all of the fishing reports)


Fishing Club member Jim Leas with a nice snook this weekend (click here to see all of the fishing reports)


Fishing Club member Frank Jaquest with a solid peacock bass this week (click here to see all of the fishing reports)


Fishing Club member Travis Schmahl with a backwater snook (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

Fishing Club member Wader Dave with a nice speckled trout this week (click here to see all of the fishing reports)


I hope you enjoyed these fishing tips for the week.

Any questions or comments about any tip?

Any specific tips or tactics you want us to cover next?

Just let me know in the comments below… we are here to help you!

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Tight lines!

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Randy Lovoy
Randy Lovoy
1 year ago

I have a question… And would like to see a tip… On how to fish schooling bait from a kayak. I’m a newbie and realize this is probably a pretty basic question. This past weekend, I was fishing the edges of some points in the flats of Pellicer Creek, near Plam Coast, on a kayak. I saw a pretty good sized pod of dolphins and about 10 birds just tearing up some bait fish. It was CRAZY how fast those dolphins were going after whatever they were after. I figured if the bait schools werr there, other fish probably were too. But I wasn’t sure how to approach that situation and just enjoyed watching the frenzy. The question has lingered… Should I have moved closer to take advantage or did I do the right thing by staying away? If you fish that situation, what do you use, jerks or jigs? Do you cast into it, or around it? How close is too close? I figured if I moved in, it would scare EVERYTHING else out, including the target species. Any advice, tips, or instruction is greatly appreciated!

1 year ago
Reply to  Randy Lovoy

I have found that if the dolphins are around you might as well move on . I have never caught anything when they show up. You can always come back later. Also I have caught fish by casting over schools of mullet and bring lures back through the school. Good luck to you !


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