The 50,000 Fishing Investment That Paid Big Dividends…


Question for you…

Do you know the #1 thing that all pro anglers have it common when it comes to fishing education?

It’s that they INVEST in themselves.

Every famous fisherman I’ve met (or listened to on podcasts) has mentioned that they bought every book they could about fishing. They invested in courses, tutorials, and yes, even joined fishing clubs.

The other thing that all pro anglers (and the best full-time fishing captains) have in common is that they have an amazing network.

So in this podcast episode, we discuss how the smartest anglers all have this (plus one other trait) in common.

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Enjoy and make sure to comment below if you think it could be a bad idea to have bananas on a houseboat…

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The $50,000 Fishing Investment That Paid BIG Dividends (PODCAST)

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