You’ve Got To See This Crazy Dude Selling Bait Maps For $500!

Meet Ricky.

The Fort Lauderdale locals affectionally refer to him as “RT”.

The dude had been in jail for over 18 years (for having his way with a manatee), and upon getting released (only due to overcrowding in the Brevard jail system), Ricky started trying to make money by selling Capt. Jeff Maggio’s (aka Lunkerdog) best bait spots.

Check out his sales pitch below for his maps…

How much would you pay for Ricky’s bait maps?

Let us know the comments.

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Watch This Massive 13ft Hammerhead Get Landed On A Crowded Florida Beach!

Imagine enjoying a nice day on the beach with your family in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida when all of a sudden you see someone with a fishing pole reeling in a monster 13ft Hammerhead Shark right where you were just swimming…

As you can imagine, this scene created some chaos from onlookers at this Ft. Lauderdale beach, and I can only imagine that no one was going back in the water in that area anytime soon (even though it would have been just as safe as before, and that hammerhead certainly went as far away from that place as he could…)

Either way, it certainly made the day unforgettable for the beachgoers that got to see this!

It was a great job on the release (especially considering all of the mayhem behind them), and beach lovers shouldn’t be too worried about sharks like this coming up into the shallows where they are swimming.

For instance, this huge hammerhead shark was hooked hundreds of feet away from the beach while on the pier, and large hammerheads like this rarely come in the shallows of the beach.

Note: The anglers in the video are known as the Infinity Fishing Team.

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Enjoy and Fish On!

This Is What Happens When Salt Strong Teams Up With Lunkerdog During The Mullet Run.

Luke and I first met Captain Jeff Maggio (aka Lunkerdog) via a Google Hangout Interview back in March when we did the popular March Fishing Madness event.

Even though it was all done over the Internet, you could tell that Capt. Jeff was a reel guy…

Then when Luke and I met Jeff and spent some time ICASTing the heck out of ICAST with the guy, there was no doubt in our minds that Lunkerdog is not only a reel guy, but he is the real deal.

So when Capt. Jeff asked us to go fishing with him during the Mullet Run, we jumped all over it like a tarpon on an injured mullet…

And the footage below was the result of a late afternoon Mullet Run session with the one and only Lunkerdog.

Now I want to note that this guy was nothing short of a celebrity down there in Fort Lauderdale.

Everywhere we went anglers were yelling “Run That Dog”, they were waving at us, coming by to say hello, and we spotted a dude wearing one of the old Lunkerdog tournament shirts.

Luke and I even had the chance to certify some of Jeff’s famous 5-gallon buckets to give to some of the local “Happy Baiters”… what an experience!

The looks on these kids faces when we pulled them over and gave them a certified RTD (Run That Dog) bucket was priceless!

Keep up the great work down there Capt. Jeff.

And a huge thanks to “Lamont Andre 3000 Lunkerking Seahorse Stankonia 2liveCrew Mulletking formerly known as the artist Chip Mayhugh” for the amazing footage and editing.


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How To Catch Happy Bait During The Florida Mullet Run. Lunkerdog Hogleg Style.

If you have followed our friend Capt. Jeff Maggio (aka Lunkerdog) for any amount of time on YouTube, then you know that his favorite time of the year is the “The Florida Mullet Run”.

It’s like Christmas in Fall for Capt. Jeff…

Countless mullet pass through Capt. Jeff’s fishing grounds in South Florida, and he makes the absolute best of it every year… in fact, he coined the term “Happy Bait”, and has a massive following of anglers that tune it to his “Happy Bait Updates” throughout the Mullet Run.

This video below is some of the first footage of this year’s mullet run.

Check out Capt. Maggio as he shows you how to cast net for mullet, and gives you some “reel guy” behind the scenes views of the Ft. Lauderdale mullet run.


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This Is How You Spearfish Cobia Off The Backs of Bull Sharks!

I’ve said it a thousand times…the craziest college students in any college in America are usually members of the Spearfishing Club…

Actually I’ve never once said that…until today.

The Florida Atlantic University Spearfishing Club is crazy (in a good way of course)!

I came across this awesome video on YouTube where these college kids are spearfishing Cobia off the backs of Bull Sharks, and I just had to share it!

They don’t just get a single cobia or see just a single Bull Shark while free diving, they get tons of them!

Whatever area in South Florida they filmed all of this is simply loaded with nice Cobia and big Bull Sharks.

The fact that none of the Bull Sharks go crazy from the blood in the water surprised me, but I guess the sharks were glad that the spearfishermen weren’t aiming at them.

Well done Florida Atlantic University Spearfishing Club! Well done.

Spearing Cobia is hard enough as it is, but you guys brought it to an entire new game by spearfishing Cobia off the backs of Bull Sharks!

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Blacktip Shark Release Fail

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all had some sort of accident or “fishing fail’ while out fishing before. If you spend enough time on the water, you will eventually be involved in some fishing story that has your fishing buddies laughing…

Whether it be hooking yourself (or a friend), losing an anchor, getting your lure stuck in a mangrove, hooking the bottom of the seafloor, falling out of a boat, or perhaps even sinking a boat… the fishing fail possibilities are limitless.

The good news is that most of us are fortunate that there aren’t always cameras rolling when we made our goofs… but not this guy.

This blacktip shark fishing fail was recently captured on video when the LakeForkGuy did some blacktip shark fishing with none other than Josh Jorgensen of BlacktipH. And it just so happened that the Lake Fork Guy had his dad come along to enjoy some shark fishing… but little did his dad know that he would be the hit of the party.

Well I won’t ruin the fail for you, let’s just say the slow-mo footage is pretty spot on.

Make sure to listen to his dad’s “fishing story” of how the whole shark release fail went down. Pretty funny.

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This Is The Look Of A Kid Hooked On Fishing For Life.

Captain Jeff Maggio (aka Lunkerdog) is at it again… putting priceless smiles on kids faces out on the water.

When we interviewed Capt Jeff back in March (you can watch the interview here), he told us that he was the man for getting people on Tarpon 365 days per year down in the Ft. Lauderdale area. And based on what we have seen from him every week since March, that statement rings true.

If you haven’t seen Captain Jeff’s other videos that made it to our homepage, check them out here after you watch the latest video below:

  • “10-Year Old Lands 150lb Tarpon After 2-Hour Fight!” (watch it here)
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  • “Even The Cruise Ship Captain Can’t Resist Watching This Fight” (watch it here)

Hope you enjoy this awesome video of another kid “Hooked” for life.

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If You Like Spearfishing and Guerrillas, Then You’ll Love This.

My first memory of spearfishing was down in the Bahamas where my dad taught my brother and I (I was 14 and Luke was 12) how to spearfish with a Hawaiian Sling.

To say that we had a blast spearing our dinner would be a huge understatement. Not to mention the spearfishing stories we had to tell our friends when we got back to school were pretty unbeatable…

So when I came across this video of a some guys using the Guerrilla Sling down in the Keys (Elliot Key and North Largo, as well as Fort Lauderdale footage in here as well), it brought back some great memories.

Also, if you want to know more about these “Guerrilla Slings”, the brand that “Spear Big” is using in this video is made by HeadHunter Spearfishing. Here is quick pic of the sling.

guerrilla spearfishing


Enjoy the video!

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