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Red Snapper Cheat Sheet

It’s Red Snapper Time! The season is coming up soon for a lot of us, so what better time to start getting prepared! Below you...
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Seasonal Bait and Lure Selection Guide [PDF Cheat Sheet]

Knowing what types of bait are more prevalent during certain times of the year can definitely help your success on the water. Predator fish are...
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Redfish Cheat Sheet (PDF)

What if we boiled 20+ years of redfish catching experience into one simple cheat sheet...sounds pretty awesome, right? Download it for FREE here.
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How to Pair Your Rods, Reels, and Line [PDF Cheat Sheet]

We have had quite a few questions come in about matching the right rod to the right reel, as well as matching the line and...
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How To Catch Spanish Mackerel (Plus Free PDF Catch Card)

Want to catch more Spanish mackerel? Check out these tips for when, where an what to use to catch them, plus download this free PDF cheat sheet!
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PDF Cheat Sheet Central

Welcome Insiders! We’ve got a ton of information to help you catch more fish, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we...
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How To Select The Best Inshore Lure For Every Scenario [PDF Cheat Sheet]

With all the lures out there, how do you decide which one to use? Check out this PDF cheat sheet to help you decide which lure to use in every scenario!
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Inshore Slam PDF Cheat Sheets (Plus Lure Selection Bonus)

The brand new inshore slam cheat sheets are in
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