Pinfish Tips

Super Simple Shrimp Rig To Catch Live Bait

Fill up the live well with this super simple shrimp rig to catch live bait! Or if the day is going slow, this is sure to get some tight...
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How To Keep Bait Alive On The Pier (Live Bait Management)

One of your most valuable assets on the pier is LIVE BAIT. But being up on the pier, it can be a challenge to keep your bait alive and...
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Gulp! Shrimp VS. FishBites Experiment

Which is better for catching pinfish or other baitfish: Gulp! Shrimp or FishBites? Is there a huge difference between the two brands? Check out this...
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Ultimate Rig For Catching Large Quantities Of Baitfish

What are the best rigs and setups for catching your own baitfish? Check out the ultimate rig for catching large quantities of baitfish...
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Use This Simple Rig To Catch A Variety Of Baitfish

How do you catch your baitfish? Do you use a cast net or a different type of rig? You can use this simple rig to catch baitfish...
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How To Catch Sheepshead Under Bridge Pilings Using Shrimp

It's sheepshead time! Sheepshead are known for hanging around structures and bridge pilings, but what should you look for...
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The Quick & Easy Way To Chum For Pinfish (And Stop Paying For Them)

Are you still paying for pinfish? Using live bait can get very expensive but if you can catch them, you'll save tons of money and even find...
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How To Easily Catch Pinfish In A Pinfish Trap

Want to easily catch dozens of pinfish without having to throw a big, wet, dirty net? See how (and where) to catch dozens of pinfish with...
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