Soft Plastic Lures

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with hard-body lures!

There are several styles of soft plastics, each with their own set of pros and cons. Explore each of them below to learn more about how you can maximize your results with different styles!

When To Choose Light VS. Bright Jerk Shads [Slam Shady VS. F.R.E.D.]

Have you ever been stuck not knowing when to choose light vs. bright lures? Our Slam Shady Jerk Shad is a white lure with silver flecks...
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EPIC Topwater Redfish Bite Fuels Inshore Tournament Victory!

While fishing with Insiders, we ran into an EPIC topwater redfish bite that fueled a tournament victory! We found huge schools of tailing...
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Underwater Power Prawn USA Analysis [Weedless Hooks VS. Jigheads]

You won't want to miss this underwater Power Prawn USA analysis! I was curious to see how the Power Prawn USA behaved underwater...
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Pink Jerk Shad Out-Fishes Everything Today!

To our surprise, THIS Pink Jerk Shad Out-Fished Everything Today! I don't change up my lures often. Slam Shady 2.0 is my confidence...
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Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails (When To Make The Switch)

Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails. When should you make the switch from one to the other? I was out fishing super early in the morning...
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Jerk Shad Hook Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Tackle

Next time you're out on the water, think of these jerk shad hook hacks! On a recent trip, I left all the gear I meant to take out with me...
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Light VS. Dark Soft Plastic Lure Color Contest: What Sparks The Most Bites?

What will spark the most bites in this light VS. dark soft plastic lure color contest???Using the Mulligan Paddletail, I tested the Slam...
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How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures

This video is all about how to match the RIGHT jighead to soft plastic lures. If you're fishing with the wrong pairing, you might not hook...
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5 MORE Hacks To Save Money On Soft Plastic Lures

After my video last week, tons of comments came through sharing MORE hacks to save money on soft plastic lures!
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THIS Is The Most Exciting Inshore Fish To Catch

In your opinion, what's the most EXCITING inshore fish to catch? For me, it doesn't get much better than this. Don't miss the action...
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The Mulligan Lure Mini-Course [Rigging, Retrieving, & More]

The Mulligan lure has proven to be a top producer generating strikes due to its superior casting distance and great action in the water...
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Top 2 Rigging Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Soft Plastics

These are the TOP 2 rigging hacks to get the most out of your soft plastic lures! These hacks will help save you time and money...
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Quick Hacks To Save Money On The Tackle You Need

Not only do we want to help you catch MORE fish in LESS time, but we also want you to save money while doing it. Fishing gear can be...
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Top Mulligan Retrieves To Effectively Fish Mangrove Lines

This video will show you how to effectively fish mangroves with the Mulligan Paddletail! We'll also highlight some rigging tips that...
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Equipment Needed To Skip Lures Underneath Docks or Mangroves

Especially in the summertime, skipping lures below docks or mangroves is critical. More often than not, the fish are seeking that shade...
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