Weekly Newsletter: 1-12-20

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It’s newsletter time!

I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are still going strong!

If you’ve made a resolution to catch more fish in 2020, you’re in the right place.

In this week’s newsletter we’ve got a few tips about leader line (so you don’t miss out on the big one), different ways of targeting winter redfish, and even how to avoid catching catfish.

Check out the newsletter below and a big shoutout to Insider member, Alex for that huge Florida Panhandle redfish!


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How to Find and Fish Redfish and Black Drum Schools [Mini-Course]

It’s school time! Black drum and redfish are notorious for cruising the flats and tailing in large schools. Finding these schools (and catching the fish...
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Targeting Wintertime Schools of Redfish in Coastal Creeks [Insider Report]

This Insider Report focuses on how to to find and target schools of wintertime redfish in creeks, using a recent trip to Wrightsville Beach as an example.
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How To Rig Artificial Shrimp In Every Scenario (Backward vs. Forward)

Have you been rigging artificial shrimp backward this whole time? Learn the correct way to rig shrimp for each scenario, plus a bonus Gulp rigging tip.
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Spot Dissection: Member Request Spot Analysis [Wolf Bay, AL Winter Strategy]

In this video I will be dissecting the Wolf Bay, AL area for some winter strategies – requested by member Todd Leitermann. Always keep in...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [Jan 10th – 12th]

This quick video shows a smart fishing game plan you can use to catch slams this coming weekend based on the recent trends and weather.
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4 Tips To Avoid Catching Catfish (Even With Cut Bait)

Sick of catching catfish? Learn how to catch fewer catfish (even with cut bait), buy using these four tips. Plus, you'll learn why it's not...
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4 Tips To Find The Best Fishing Spots (Online And On The Water Tactics)

Want to know how to find the best fishing spots? Learn how to use online maps and on-the-water tactics to find feeding zones and catch more fish.
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Here Are The 2 Ideal Times To Retie Your Fishing Leader

Sick of getting broken off? Learn when to retie your leader line in this video to decrease your odds of losing the big one.
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1 Simple Hack To Avoid Losing Fish On Light Leader

Sick of getting broken off by snook and other inshore fish when you're using light leader? Try this little hack (without swapping out your entire leader).
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Inner Circle Live Training Video, Notes, And Related Links [1-9-20]

This Inner Circle training video shows the latest inshore fish catching trends and tactics along with over 30 minutes of great Q&A Spot Dissections.
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Mid Afternoon Winter Sight Fishing Trip [Tips and Tactics + Map Analysis]

The nice thing about fishing in the winter time is that you can take advantage of fishing later in the day. I did this on...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Frank Jaques

What an awesome story about putting his brother on his first redfish! The Strong Angler of the Week is about making memories on the water and this...
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