Weekly Newsletter: 2-7-21

It’s Newsletter time!

How did you do on the water this week?

To help you crush it this coming week, we’ve got some excellent fishing tips for you here, including:

  • How to rig frozen shrimp for snapper and other reef fish
  • The 3 best spots to catch big sheepshead
  • When you can throw topwater lures in the WINTER (yes, they can still be effective now!)
  • How to catch more fish around structure — and avoid the most common mistakes
  • How to catch spooky redfish (even after you scared them off)

Check out these tips and more in the Newsletter below!

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How to Fish Docks in Slow/Weak Current

It’s dock fishing time! In this video you will see a great demonstration from Luke Simonds on how to effectively fish docks in weak or...
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Saltwater Fishing Reel Repair (With 2nd Chance Tackle)

Want to learn more about how to repair your saltwater fishing reels? See the common breaking points, why reels break, and what you need to...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Robert Vaughn

Do you go on an annual birthday fishing trip? This angler takes his son on one and during this trip, they had a blast with lots of redfish and...
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How To Choose A Saltwater Fishing Guide (And What To Avoid)

How do you choose a good saltwater fishing guide? Not all guides are equal, and it starts with getting crystal clear on what you want.
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