September 24th, 2015

The ALBRIGHT vs The ALBERTO vs The FG Knot [Strength Test]

After posting our first braid to leader fishing knot contest in which the FG knot was the surprise winner, many readers have asked for us to test out more of their favorites…

And the two most commonly requested knots were hands down the “Albright Knot” and the “Alberto Knot”.

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salt strong fishing tribe
September 21st, 2015

Anglers: This Is Your Invitation To Join The Fastest Growing Private Fishing Group On Facebook.

Imagine a Facebook saltwater fishing group that you could trust to be free of…

Spam, people trying to sell old fishing tackle like it was Craigs List, Smut…

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gator trout
September 20th, 2015

The Top 10 Gator Trout Pictures On Instagram This Week.

It’s Gator Trout (aka MONSTER Speckled Trout) Week!

If you have followed our site for any amount of time, you might know that we do a special post every Sunday on the best pictures from Instagram on a specific fish…

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keep calm and fish strong
September 18th, 2015

WARNING: This T-Shirt Will Attract Attention, Smiles, Fish, & Conversations With Strangers.

Back by popular demand!

The “Keep Calm and Fish Strong” t-shirt!

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snook fishing tips
September 17th, 2015

5 Shortcuts For Catching Snook In Florida

When growing up in central Florida as a bass addict, I never thought I’d ever find a fish that was more enjoyable to pursue than a bass. However, that quickly changed when I caught my first snook… which I concluded was essentially a bass on steroids that lives salt water. Not only do the two

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dr. dan's lip balm review
September 17th, 2015

Dr. Dan’s Lip Balm: The Chapstick For Anglers & “Chapstick Addicts” [Independent Review]

As a recovering “Chapstick Addict”, I am always interested in the best lip balms out on the market. And earlier this year, I kept hearing our friend Peter Miller (from Peter Miller Fishing) talk about how he couldn’t go out on the boat without his Dr. Dan’s lip balm… so I set out to meet

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future of saltwater fishing tournaments
September 16th, 2015

The Future Of Saltwater Fishing Tournaments.

Did you hear that?

It’s kind of quiet, but I hear it…

And it’s getting louder…

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strong angler challenge
September 14th, 2015

How To Get More “Strong Angler” Votes & Avoid Looking Like A “Weak Angler” [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest, you put a lot of time and energy into your catching your fish right?

Then why not let more of your fellow anglers celebrate and share your awesome saltwater catches with you!

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top spearfishing pictures
September 13th, 2015

The Top 10 Spearfishing Pictures From Instagram This Week!

It’s Spearfishing Week!

If you have followed our site for any amount of time, you might know that we do a special post every Sunday on the best pictures from Instagram on a specific fish…

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saltwater fishing magazine
September 13th, 2015

Which One Of These Saltwater Fishing Magazines Is Your Favorite? [Poll]

The Tarpon That Made Me Famous… Well, Sort Of…

Yep, that is Luke and I with a monster Tarpon that we ended up landing right on the beach in front of the Boca Grande Pass (Florida).

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salt strong decals
September 11th, 2015

The FREE Salt Strong Decals Are Back (And They Grew In Size)!

So what do you want first?

The Good news or the Bad news?

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how to rig a gulp shrimp
September 10th, 2015

How to Rig a Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp For More Bites [Product Review]

I’m here to publicly admit, I’m a Berkley Gulp believer!

If you are a serious saltwater angler, you have certainly heard (and probably used) a Berkley Gulp shrimp before (one of their most popular Gulp baits for saltwater).

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fishing sunburn
September 9th, 2015

23 Fishing Struggles That All Anglers Will Understand.

Fishing is an Addiction.

And just like all addicts have highs and lows, struggles and frustrations, highs and lows… fishing is no different.

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best online fishing tournament
September 8th, 2015

[NEW] The U.S. Open “Strong Angler” Challenge: Disrupting Online Fishing Tournaments Forever!

Imagine yourself being able to fish competitively on your own schedule, whenever the heck you want to fish…

Imagine fishing as much or as little as you like, with no restrictions on the species of fish…

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how to clean a flounder
September 7th, 2015

How To Clean Flounder & Halibut Like A Pro! [Video]

It’s “Doormat” Time!

While pursuing snook, redfish, and trout on the flats, the one fish that I always enjoy crashing the inshore fishing scene is a flounder…

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top snook pictures
September 6th, 2015

Top 10 Snook Pictures From Instagram (Opening Snook Week)

It’s Labor Day Weekend!

Which also means the opening of Snook season in Florida (even though this year’s Labor Day hit the calendar a little bit later than usual. FYI, Snook season officially opened back up on Sept 1st)

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eric lion snook
September 1st, 2015

The Biggest Fish In America! Where Each Record Fish Was Caught & How Big It Was [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the biggest bass was 22 pounds!

And can you imagine landing a 94.2-pound redfish!

What a BEAST!

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salt strong fish logo
August 31st, 2015

Which Limited Edition Salt Strong T-Shirt Do You Like The Best?

We have had many requests for some new Salt Strong T-shirts (and other accessories like Visors, flags, etc that we are working on behind the scenes).

One of the main requests that we had in terms of T-shirts was to create a simple “Salt Strong” shirt with the large logo on front.

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Tampa Inshore Fishing Report
August 27th, 2015

Inshore Fishing Report for Kayakers and Waders in Tampa, FL

You might not believe this, but I found this amazing inshore fishing hole while sitting in a window seat on a flight from Atlanta to Tampa.

And you don’t even need a boat to get there! In fact, it’s only a kayak and paddleboard fishing area…

Let me explain.

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how to gaff a fish
August 26th, 2015

How To Gaff A Fish Like A Fishing Pro (And How NOT To Gaff A Fish) – VIDEO

Have you ever gaffed a fish before?

It’s not as easy as the fishing pros make it look if you have never tried it.

In fact, I would be willing to bet that even most fishing pros and fishing guides have had a missed gaff…

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biodegradable fishing lures
August 25th, 2015

Certified Biodegradable Fishing Lures! Could This Disrupt The Entire Fishing Lure Industry?

The first ever 100% Completely Biodegradable Fishing Lure is here!

Biodegradable as in see you later, gone forever, nothing left but a little carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in just weeks!

And it actually catches fish!

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Surgeon's Knot
August 24th, 2015

The Strongest Surgeon’s Knot Strength Test [For Mono & Braid]

“Like a Surgeon, tied for the very first time”… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

In all seriousness, we’ve had quite a few questions coming in about the Surgeon’s knot since we posted our most recent knot contest in which the Surgeon’s knot performed extremely well…

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hydrasports 53 custom suenos
August 24th, 2015

“If You Had A Million Dollars, Would You Buy This Custom 53′ HydraSports Suenos?”

Do you remember the hit song, “If I had a Million Dollars” by the Canadian rock band the “Barenaked Ladies”?

In the song, they talk about all of the things they would buy if they had a million buckaroos.

They mention buying everything from…

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best hogfish pictures
August 23rd, 2015

The Top 10 Hogfish Pictures On Instagram This Week!

There were some amazing hogfish pictures on Instagram this week! And for your viewing pleasure, we went through all of Instagram and put the best ones all in one place.

Enjoy the hogs!

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