Tips for Spring Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the spring season!

#1 Lure For Sight Fishing Redfish & Trout

We're sight fishing redfish and trout!!! In the transition into spring, you may find lots of calm and clear days on the water, which can...
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Use This Secret Hack To Catch More Fish On Spoons

If you want to catch more fish on spoons this spring, then you've got to check out this secret spoon hack! All you need to do is...
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Redfish & Trout Can’t Get Enough Of This Paddletail Lure

Redfish and trout simply cannot get enough of this paddletail lure. If you want to catch more redfish and trout this spring, then you need...
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The Inshore Saltwater Fishing Spring Tackle Checklist

This is the ULTIMATE Spring Tackle Checklist for Inshore Saltwater Anglers! If you need to dust off your gear and lures to get ready for...
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Florida Flats Fishing The Sunrise [Live On The Water]

Few things come close to the joy of being out on the water as the sun is rising!! Have you been having any luck lately during sunrise?...
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Northern Springtime Inshore Tactics [Tom’s River New Jersey Spot Dissection Request]

In this Finding Fish Lesson, we’re looking at Spring tactics for targeting striped bass, flounder, and weakfish up in the northern states! This was a...
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Negative Tide Holes: Where & What To Look For

We fished some negative tide holes to see if we could find redfish or trout poking around for a meal!! On this trip, coach Matt Lanier...
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Why You Need A Johnson Silver Minnow For Spring Fishing

Johnson Silver Minnow spoon jigs have been around for a CENTURY!!! How have these jigs lasted so long? Because they catch fish...
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Shrimp Migration Patterns: White Shrimp VS. Brown Shrimp

A major part of any inshore game species diet is shrimp. But, how do you know what color shrimp lure to throw? Shrimp migration patterns...
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The RIGHT Size Lure For Spring Redfish

What is the RIGHT size lure for spring redfish? Should you go with small or larger lure presentations to target spring redfish? Find out below!...
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Live On The Water Fishing (We All Have Brutal Days Like This…)

We are LIVE ON THE WATER!! Have you been having any luck lately out on the water?Unfortunately for us, this trip did not go as...
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Night Fishing Secrets: Where, When, & How To Catch More Fish

WE'RE GOING NIGHT FISHING!!! What are some of your night fishing secrets?! When are the best times to catch fish at night? The truth...
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Why This Topwater Lure Is A Must Have In Your Spring Tackle Box

Recently, we upgraded the Salt Strong Moonwalker topwater lure to include every possible feature any inshore angler would want...
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What Is The Best Lure For Spring Redfish?

SPRING IS UPON US!!! How many of you want to go out and catch redfish this spring? The best lure we've come across for spring redfish is...
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Spring Inshore Fishing – Wind Protection or No Wind Protection? [Spot Dissection – Homosassa, FL]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we are going discuss wind protections. no wind protection when it comes to inshore fishing in the spring time....
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