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Does Popping Cork Design/Type Matter? [Insider Report]

It’s no secret, I have always had great success with a popping cork, but I have also always been partial to the oval-shaped popping cork...
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Insider Meet Up Report, Fishing For A Black Hat [Insider Report]

First, I want to thank everyone that showed up and braved the chilly weather to come out and meet everyone. It was great seeing all...
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Short Fishing Trip Looking For Striped Bass & Tog

I had a few hours to quickly sneak out and hit the water fishing for striped bass and tog! The goal was to catch TWO species in just ONE...
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Shocking 90/10 Fishing Zone Drone Evidence!

Want to see exactly what the 90/10 zone looks like from above? Then you've got to see this wild drone footage. What a honey hole!
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Top Secret: 3 Big Announcements For 2023

Want to know what's in store for 2023? Luke and I are ready to share the TOP SECRET Announcements for 2023!!...
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