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An Open Apology Letter To Salt Strong Fans… (Pics)

Regardless if you've been a Salt Strong member since day 1 or just joined the Insider Club, this is a must-read letter to you.
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Hacks To Customize The Colors Of Soft Plastic Lures

Here's a quick way to customize the colors of soft plastic lures!! Most jigheads have a colorful head design to attract strikes and...
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Advanced Strategies For Winter Fishing (Fish Biology, Pressure, Fronts, & More!) [Spot Dissection]

In this video, we'll be discussing some advanced strategies for winter fishing in Texas. Specifically, understanding fish biology in...
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Identifying Transition Zones To Target Winter Trout [Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders, it's Spot Dissection time! My Spot Dissections, in particular, will cover anywhere along the coast of North Carolina...
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Putting Texas’ Favorite Trout Lure To The Test [Insider Report]

Many regions are associated with a very specific kind of tackle… Louisiana anglers are well known for their big, loud popping corks. Throwing flashy MirrOlures...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Dec. 23-25]

We’re BACK with another edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to the conditions and trends of your...
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How To Catch Winter Redfish, Seatrout, & Flounder In St. Augustine, FL [Spot Dissection]

In this video, I will show you where to find fish during the winter in Saint Augustine, Florida. I cover Redfish, Seatrout, and Flounder, where...
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Targeting Snook Around Boynton Beach, FL [Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Introducing The New Gold Digger Jerk Lure For Winter Fishing

The new Gold Digger Jerk is highlighted in this post so you can see which situations you should consider for using this new lure.
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Texas’s Favorite Lure For Trout (Does It Work Elsewhere?)

Several cold fronts have significantly dropped water temperatures and forced some unpredictable conditions on us. But the time is NOW to...
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Nearshore Reef Fishing Trip With My Dad Using Lures [Insider Report]

This Insider Report shows a fun fishing excursion to a nearshore reef armed with Power Prawn jigs and a prototype jigging spoon.
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Winter Dock Fishing In A New Area For Speckled Trout [Insider Report]

I decided to take a further drive to do some fishing since the conditions were decent and it was a warmer day. I figured I’d...
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Quick Trip In Search Of Striped Bass & Tog [Insider Report]

I recently had a few hours to hit the water and wanted to take advantage of the nearly perfect conditions. With that in mind, I...
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There Are Lessons To Be Learned On Every Trip [Insider Report]

Things did not go as planned on this trip – as they often do. But this was for reasons you may have never run across...
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Targeting Backwater Striped Bass In Marshes [Spot Dissection]

Picture this….It’s December, the water temperatures are still mild and the striped bass are still working their way down the coast...
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