An Open Apology Letter To Salt Strong Fans… (Pics)

By: Joseph Simonds on October 18, 2017
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salt strong apology letter

Hey there,

I owe you an apology.

In fact, I owe you three apologies

But first, can I ask you an honest question?

Do you ever feel like you are getting old?

Like you wish you could turn back (or least pause) the hands of time?

Also, do you wish that you had written down more of the good things that happened in your life so you could reflect back on them?

I sure do.

I feel like SO much happened since my last birthday (today’s my birthday), yet I can hardly recall most of it.

So over the last few days, I’ve been trying to reflect on all of the amazing things that have happened over the last year…

(like the birth of my first son for instance) – “Action” Jackson Simonds

My son Jackson in his custom “Pa-POW” shirt

Here’s my future fishing buddy and I on the beach for his first time.

We’ve also seen some amazing growth at Salt Strong since my last birthday.

Talk about night and day versus our very first year of being in business…

I can vividly recall how tough our first year was…

We were the underdogs (which may be a reason you were originally attracted to us).

We were different.

Although we grew up fishing our entire lives, we didn’t grow up in the fishing industry where everyone knows each other (it’s a tough industry to break into as it’s very tight-knit).

Many of the people in the fishing industry didn’t want us to succeed at first.

In fact, we couldn’t even get calls back from most people in the industry.

Hardly anyone paid us any attention at ICAST that first year (except for handful of people who we won’t ever forget – like this guy – Capt. Jeff Maggio aka Lunkerdog)

lunkerdog fishing

Let’s face it, we were the new guys on the block trying to disrupt an industry that has been doing things the same way for a LONG time

We were teaching online fishing and many thought we were crazy.

It had never really done before…

Teaching fishing online was completely foreign to most of the old salty fishermen who had been in the industry for ages.

Many made bets that we wouldn’t be around after a year…

Many said that Salt Strong was just a fad… (I still remember all of the hateful messages and emails we received that first year – it’s one of the things that keep me going – to prove them all wrong).

But we kept on persisting and prevailing…

We were determined to turn Salt Strong into a real movement...

So we put our heads down…

We ignored the naysayers…

We kept creating solid content…

We outworked everyone around us…

We focused on growing the best online fishing community in the country (YOU)

We did our best to listen to our ever-growing audience (which is why I’m apologizing today)…

And we slowly created our very own niche in the fishing industry

Salt Strong: The leader in online fishing education.

And I believe today we have the fastest growing online fishing club in the country (the Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club).

Pretty cool!

But as you can tell, it hasn’t been an easy ride by any means.

And after quite a bit of reflection over the last week on both the good and the bad, I feel like I owe you a few apologies.

Apology #1 – We Need To Communicate Better With You

finding spots

The first apology is that Luke and I need to communicate a whole lot better with you.

Let me explain.

Over the years, Luke and I have learned to have pretty thick skin when it comes to negative comments, emails, and even hate mail.

It just comes with the territory of having a fast-growing online business with a bunch of eyeballs (and keyboard jockeys).

But there are times when we just can’t ignore it (and those are the times we take it very personally).

And over the last six months, the amount of confused and even irritated Salt Strong fans has gone up to a level we can’t ignore.

Granted, our audience has also EXPLODED in the same time frame, but we could have avoided some of the confusion had we communicated better.

Quick example:

We recently made the announcement that we are exiting the apparel industry to focus solely on our Insider Fishing Club and online fishing education side of our business.

But the problem is that we only sent out two emails about it.

And since we know that only a fraction of our audience is on our email list (please join our email newsletter at the top of our homepage so you never miss out on anything good), we had a lot of confused people the day we officially shut the shop page down.

We even received some hate messages…

Others were disappointed, while some others simply felt left out.

Once we replied back WHY we left the apparel side of the business (because our entire mission and reason for quitting our jobs to start Salt Strong was to be the leaders in fishing education and teach people how to catch more fish in less time), most of them understood.

But it could have been avoided had we communicated better.

Speaking of communicating with you, that leads perfectly into apology #2:

Apology #2 – We Send You Too Many Emails…


We recently crossed the line when it comes to sending you emails and we are sincerely sorry.

Plain and simple, we sent out too many emails this past month.

As an Internet-based marketing company, our #1 means of communicating with you is via email.

And it just so happens that we have a lot of cool things to email you about…

But over the last couple of months, we’ve been toeing the line on this never-ending balancing act of trying to find the optimal amount of emails to send out (especially knowing that a big chunk never even get seen due to spam blockers, blending in with all of the other emails in your inbox, etc.)

And we’ve heard from numerous Salt Strong fans over the past couple of months saying that the emails have gotten out of hand.

We heard that our emails were overbearing, that our emails were blending in with the rest of the junk in their inbox, and that it was too much to read.

So here’s what to expect in regards to emails from us going forward.

Note: if you’d like to communicate with us in a different form (such as FB messenger, text messages, etc) let me know in the comments. We have each of those available. We don’t care how it gets to you, we just want to make sure you don’t miss out on new content, new fishing tips, new online fishing courses, etc.

Here it is in full transparency so you know exactly what to expect going forward when it comes to emails from us to you:

I’ve broken it down based on your current relationship with us.

Here are the amount of emails to expect from us going forward:

Free Subscribers (2 emails per week):

  • Weekly newsletter email – (every Monday evening – occasionally it will move to Sunday or Tuesday if it is a holiday or something special). This email will be a summary of all of our best tips, new courses or offers, and other fishing content you might have missed from us the prior week.
  • Our top fishing tip of the week (we’ll send you our #1 free tip of the week)

Customers (online course buyers, fishing book buyers, etc.) – (3 emails per week):

  • Weekly newsletter email – (every Monday evening – occasionally it will move to Sunday or Tuesday if it is a holiday or something special). This email will be a summary of all of our best tips, new courses or offers, and other fishing content you might have missed from us the prior week.
  • Our top fishing tip of the week (we’ll send you our #1 free tip of the week)
  • Special offer or extra fishing tip for the week (as a customer, you’ll receive an extra tip and/or special offer once per week)

Brand New Subscribers:

  • The very first time you opt-in to join our newsletter or ask for more information on any of our courses, expect to receive up to 7 different emails giving you some of our best content in hopes that you will become a customer.

Insider Fishing Club Members (4 emails per week)

  • Weekly newsletter email – (every Monday evening – occasionally it will move to Sunday or Tuesday if it is a holiday or something special). This email will be a summary of all of our best tips, new courses or offers, and other fishing content you might have missed from us the prior week.
  • Two to three other emails per week for Insiders (anytime we publish exclusive new content for you such as weekly Insider Fishing Reports, new mini-courses, new spot dissections, exclusive reviews, new discounts, etc)

Your Monthly Fishing Offer

Every month here at Salt Strong, we try to come up with a new offer that will help you catch more fish.

For instance, one month it might be a new online fishing course (like Luke’s long-awaiting “How To Gain An Extra 10 Feet In Your Cast With These Simple Tricks” – coming soon), and the next month it might be a new book (like the Redfish book we are working on behind the scenes right now).

At any rate, once per month, we will have something new that will help you catch more fish.

In most cases, we will send out a total of 3-5 emails regarding the offering, but our promise to you is that in every email you will have the ability to “opt-out” of that sequence so you don’t see any more emails about that offer again.

This will only opt you out of that specific offer sequence (it will not opt you out of the weekly newsletter you receive from us).

This ability to opt-out of a specific email sequence also applies to any offering you opt-in to or show interest in that originates from a Facebook or Google post, ad, video, etc.

Important Note: Please know that by clicking “No thanks” to opt-out of the sequence that you will most likely miss out on any special savings and free bonuses that early adopters receive.

Finally, there are some of you who say you want to hear from us pretty much daily…

So for you, we’ll continue to send out emails and communicate with you as much or as little as you like.

Just know that we are working on really segmenting our email list so that we can customize our emails and email frequency to your specific preference.

In fact, in all future emails you should start seeing an area at the bottom where you can change the frequency of the emails however you like.

You’ll be in the driver seat to see as many fishing tips, tricks, reviews, and offers as you like.

All of this talk about offers and emails brings me to apology number three…

Apology #3 – What The Heck Are We Selling At Salt Strong?

joe and luke simonds

In a sentence…

We sell online fishing education.

Our goal is to be the leader in online fishing education and to make sure that is:

  1. The #1 place anglers come to increase their fish catching abilities and become more consistent
  2. The #1 place to get tips so you have more FUN out on the water
  3. The #1 online fishing club in the country (our Insider Fishing Club)

Eventually, our online fishing education will include species from around the country (and eventually the globe), from inshore, offshore, and even freshwater.


Due to all of the pivots we’ve made since opening our doors in early 2015, we seemed to have confused some of our audience members.

Heck, just a few months ago most people thought we were purely an apparel company…

Many had no idea we even had proven online fishing courses and that we had a thriving online fishing club.

So here is our current business model in full transparency

(and if you want to help support us while becoming a more consistent angler, then this is how to do it).

Yep, it really is that simple.

We create free fishing videos, blogs, and other fishing-related content to bring people in, introduce them to our brand, and indoctrinate them into the Tribe…

Then we do everything in our ability to add so much free value that you want to try out one of our online fishing courses so that you can become an ever better fisherman…

Then we ultimately hope you get so much value that you join our Insider fishing club family.

Once you are part of the family, you get all of our best stuff (including some exclusive Salt Strong apparel at wholesale prices).

Why don’t you seek out sponsors to help fund the company?

This is a question we hear often.

As you saw from the two revenue sources above for Salt Strong, there was no mention of Sponsors or Advertising.

That was not a mistake.

We are purposefully not seeking out money from corporate sponsors because we want to ensure that 100% of our efforts are focused on providing value to you.

Because once we accept money from sponsors, then we’ll have an obligation to pitch their products (or withhold from letting you know about products that compete with our sponsors)… both of which would put others ahead of you.

Given our current business model, our only obligation is to make sure that you are absolutely thrilled with the tips we provide and the completely unbiased product reviews and recommendations that we offer.

Are we going to try to sell you something?

You doggone right we are!

Not only is it how we make a living, how we keep the Salt Strong movement alive, and how we keep all of the free videos and other fishing content going, but most importantly…

Our stuff works!

And we truly believe it will make you a more consistent fisherman.

Moreover, the online fishing products we sell are different than any others because we place a 100% Fish Catching Guarantee behind everything we sell.

Yes, all of our products come with a “You will catch more fish or it’s free guarantee.

Don’t you wish that all other companies stood behind their products like this?

Furthermore, the number of testimonials from our online courses and Insider fishing club continues to skyrocket ever since Tony Acevedo was one of the first people to ever go through our courses and prove that it works two years ago.

(If you don’t’ know Tony’s story, he had never caught a saltwater fish in his life prior to taking our online fishing courses and joining the Insider club – today, just a couple years later, he is getting paid to catch saltwater fish for a living – his dream job).

Will everyone who takes one of our online fishing courses or joins our fishing club catch more fish than ever before?

Of course not!

Only the people who actually watch the videos, practice it out on the water, and become real students will become more consistent.

Just because you invest in a course doesn’t mean the next day you catch more fish.

That would be like assuming just because you invest in a gym membership that you are going to have rock-solid abs and be in the best shape of your life even if you never actually go to the gym.

Mastering anything takes some work!

And we want to provide you the shortcuts so you can get there quicker.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a special fishing pill you can take and turn pro the next day.

Sadly, some of the people who invest in a fishing course only watch the first couple of videos (or sometimes never even log in at all – we can see who logs in and how often, etc), and then blame us for their lack of fish catching…

But we don’t hold grudges…

We just give any paying member their money back if they somehow aren’t absolutely thrilled with your purchase (even if it’s their own fault).

And it’s one of the many reasons why we have a 100% money-back guarantee in place.

Finally, our promise regarding our online courses and fishing club is three-fold:

  1. We will always listen to YOU to make sure we only create things of value to you
  2. All of our offers will have a 100% THRILLED money-back guarantee
  3. We will only produce the best quality fishing tutorials we can (and when we miss things or make mistakes, we always quickly fix them).

One final thing…

The future.

The Future Of Salt Strong

Want to know what’s cooking here next at Salt Strong?

I can’t let you in on every secret, but here are three things we are really excited about sharing with you soon.

New Fishing Coaches

Just this week we started filming with the first of many new online fishing coaches.

Not only are we going out there to find the best coaches available, but we are tracking down the experts that you recommend to us.

These fishing coaches will be doing the following:

  • They will be creating private online fishing courses for you
  • They will be joining the Insider Fishing Club to interact and answer your questions
  • They will be creating exclusive videos for Insiders only

Let me know in the comments any specific fishing experts you want us to bring on board (for any type of fish anywhere in America).

New Online Fishing Courses

As I mentioned above, these new fishing coaches will enable us to create some AMAZING online fishing courses.

Our goal is for you to be able to find a specific fishing course to master any saltwater (and eventually freshwater) species that you can think of.

We kicked off our online fishing courses with some of the most popular inshore saltwater fish from Florida up to North Carolina, and we are just getting started.

I can’t wait for you to start out-fishing your friends with the help of our future course and fishing coaches.

Let me know what fish you’d love to see a course on in the comments.

2-3 Day Exclusive Fishing Excursions With Salt Strong

Last, but certainly not least, is we will be announcing some 2-3 day exclusive fishing excursions with Salt Strong.

One of the first excursions will be a 3-day trip to an island in Florida where you get to hang out and fish with us for 3 action-packed days, have some amazing guest speakers come in to share their tips, cook-out, share fishing stories, have some drinks, and create an experience you won’t forget.

Stay tuned for details and let me know if you are interested in one of these trips by leaving a comment below.

A BIG Focus On Adding New Content For Our Insider Fishing Club

Our most valuable asset is our Insider Fishing Club.

It’s our family, and it’s where we are going to concentrate the hardest to add new value.

Every week there is new content going up to help our Insider members catch more fish and have more fun, and it’s only going to get better.

In fact, you probably won’t even recognize it a year from now it will be so robust.

Note: It will most likely cost a bit more a year from now so you might want to consider joining now and locking in your low member fee for LIFE.

It’s only $.27 per day!

(Learn more here about joining the Insider Fishing Club)

In Conclusion

By and large, this Salt Strong movement is not possible without YOU.

In fact, YOU are the movement.

Luke and I simply started it…

But YOU are what really makes this Salt Strong community special.

I wrote this apology letter to let you know that we are human…

We make mistakes.

But we also own up to them, fix them, and do everything in our power to make it right.

You also have a commitment from us to always listen to you.

Thank you again for all of your feedback, for your support, and for making the Salt Strong Tribe what it is today.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me personally with ideas on ways we can improve and ways we can add more value to you.

Finally, please leave a comment below.

I’d love to hear from you.

Much love and sincere apologies,

Joe Simonds

Co-founder of Salt Strong

P.S. – If you think any of your angler friends or fellow Salt Strong tribe members would like to read this, please Tag them or Share this with them. You Rock. Pa-POW!

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David Cook
David Cook

Greetings from Oceanside California. I’m a dedicated Surf, Jetty, Pier, fisherman. And also fish from my Canoe in our Lagoons, Bays and Harbors here in San Diego County. I accidentally stumbled across Salt Strong today. I would be thrilled to become a member. Do you have members out here in So Cal? And would I find enough local knowledge being shared for me to the improve my skills? I’m fishing no less than 3 days a week year round. If I can benefit, I’m all in!
Sincerely Dave C.

Luke Simonds

Hey Dave, thanks so much for making time to write in. I am pleased to report that we do have some anglers from So Cal in the Community. And although there currently isn’t a big group from CA yet who have joined nor is there much localized discussion in the chat room yet, CA members have reported that our tips have still proved to be helpful because the same predator vs. prey scenarios are taking place over there as they are here… just by different species, so the same positioning and approach strategies are utilized as well as the same lures in most cases.


Thanks guys for all the helpful tips, tricks & advice. Since i live 40 miles from the very center of this great country & only get to fish 2-3 days a year in the “flats”, its not feasible for me to join your insiders club-wish i lived closer so i could fish more on the coast. Keep up the good work, piss on all the naysayers

Steve Barrington

You guys are awesome WITH AN awesome product. I’ve learned so much. The fact that you’ve actually responded to my concerns means to me that you CARE so just know that you’re doing great AND be THICK skinned like a sheapshead. Don’t change too much.

Joe Capelli

I recently joined the Insider Club and I’m so Happy that I did. I look forward to receiving emails from you guys and I love watching your videos. You have renewed my interest in Flats Fishing. I was especially impressed when I received a call from you. I hope I get to meet you guys in person someday. BTW… your apologies are appreciated, but where not necessary. I have never thought that you guys were slacking in anyway. I wish you tremendous success! Congrats on your up and coming fishing buddy!


So… you’re telling me that i have to be carful wearing my SaltStrong shirts because i cant get then any longer? Glad I have four. They’re a great shirt for the money. Anyway, thanks for all that you do!

Darrell Smith

I joined in August with an open mind, thinking what’s the worst that could happen? I might actually learn something? You have exceeded all expectations with great courses and contents. Very practical tips and techniques that just don’t seem to be written down anywhere. I have been an avid reader and subscriber to numerous magazines for 20 + years but may actually drop subscriptions now with what you offer. Great service.


I am not a member yet. I moved here from South florida 7 years ago, before that my only redfish experience was in the 10,000 islands. I fished Griffin canal with spin and fly and caught everything from peacock bass to tarpon on the same flies. Up her my first year I fished 6 days a week and caught more reds and trout and even flounder from shore at mosquito lagoon. My experience in s. Florida that I miss the most is 3 miles off shore and 600 feet of water loaded with dolphin. We only ate dolphin or snook and released everything else. Things have changed here and so has my enthusiasm about fishing. Bait fisherman, trash, and beer cans and a total lack of respect for the environment. Almost like Cubans destroying Miami and the Keys. I don’t want to be negative and it is not all inclusive. Redneck truckers ruined my trail off biolab and it doesn’t seem to get better. That being said, I applaud you guys and your love of fishing and some of your articles I have read. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll be inspired to take out some of my 15+ rods and reels and hit it again. Take care amigos and keep up the good work.just so you know I am not prejudice I just call it for what it is. R.I.P. Jose W, one of the best.

Jon Stahl

I will testify that since I have been a member of Salt Strong I have learned so much about fishing in general that I will always be member. I live in southern Indiana and have a place on a lake. I have fished some almost every one of my 72 years but was never a great fisherman. As I have stated before, I have been mostly a hunter. In my older age I look for a new challenge of learning to be a much better fisherman. Salt Strong (Luke and Joe) have given me the opportunity to be just that……a better fisherman.
Now they have even given me more opportunity to learn by adding other fishermen to the teaching staff. I do fish Florida for a few weeks in the winter but my fishing here in Indiana has gotten better because of the knowledge gained from Salt Strong.
No matter where you fish, the knowledge gained at Salt Strong will help you catch fish.
THANKS AGAIN and keep up the great work.

Luke Simonds

Thanks for the kind words Jon!


I can relate to new startup.i opened my marine store (pontoons and fish boats in 02

Rich Juergens

I live and fish in Norh Carolina. How can insider help me given it’s Florida focus? Thanks

Luke Simonds

Because the redfish, seatrout, and flounder in NC all have the same biological makeup as the redfish, seatrout, and flounder in FL, so they are programmed to behave the same way to changing weather patterns and lunar phases.

As we know, finding the top feeding zones is by far the most important factor in consistently catching quality fish…

So the fact that we put our #1 focus to helping members know exactly which feeding trends to focus on every week will undoubtedly help you out just as much as it would if you lived here in FL (we have plenty of NC members who are happily part of the Club and renew their membership).

All you’ll need to do is just adjust what you see from our videos to the different water clarity and local forage (but we teach that as well).

We are so confident that it applies to NC that we offer a 365-day trial period where if you somehow don’t clearly see that you are not catching more fish per trip than ever before, you can simply let us know and you’ll get a full refund.

Here’s a link to the Insider Platform where you can learn more:

Richard Fiorentino

I have been a member for about 6 months and enjoy The Insiders. It is obvious that Tampa Bay is the area focused on , especially for Yakers. One thing you might want to take a look at is creating sub groups for members that fish a specific area. This would give us a chance to communicate ( perhaps through specific facebook pages) with other members for pointers that would be very valuable. Love The Insiders Club and keep up the good work.

Luke Simonds

Hey Rich, we are actively looking for a way to create an Insider Only posting section along with regional sub-groups to help local members get to know one another better.

We’ll let you know once it’s ready.

Richard Fiorentino

That would be great Luke and make The Insider club something pretty unique.

Richard Fiorentino

I would be interested in the fishing excursion. It would be great to spend some time with you guys!

Ralph Nicosia-Rusin

I haven’t experienced anything worth apologizing about though I appreciate you clarifying the two categories of services you are providing in addition to the free information. I am grateful that I have found a business that is focused on seeking to make us better fisherman versus selling us a product line. Your dropping the apparel sales adds more credibility to your focus on teaching the art of fishing- irrespective of how shabby I might dress. 🙂

Raymond Mayer

I joined as an insider. Currently I can not access the insider portion. Help!

David Culver

Wish I had read this before signing up, It does clarify things better and allows for a distinct goal to focus on. Sometimes you just come to a cliff and you have to jump off to go forward. So far, No regrets as I feel as if i am still moving forward.

James Hamilton

Hey guys, I would defiantly like to check out a few excursions with you guys. Maybe then I will actually catch something. Keep me posted and keep fighting the the good fight. You guys got a great thing going.

Charles Richardson

I am interested in the 2-3 day trip ,please let me know . I have no problem with salt strong I enjoy my membership I have learned so much thanks

Al Ott
Al Ott

Thanks very much for opening up to all your followers.
Unfortunately speaking for myself, I don’t have the opportunity to get out very often, but I really do enjoy fishing.
I really appreciate the information and videos you have sent which have made a change in my tackle box and my approach.
I wish I had the opportunity to fish more frequently. Trying to reach so many different people with different likes is an impossible task, but you are doing a good job. As for myself one email every week would be sufficient but that’s because I don’t get a chance to fish that much. I’m sure what ever decisions you make they will be good ones. Best of luck!

Mike Treadaway

I have only been in Florida for 3 years and I look forward to every and all emails from Salt Strong, definitely not sending to many in my opinion. I have learned a lot from Salt Strong and have more to learn in the future. You guys have me excited to see all the changes you are planning. I love the idea of the future fishing excursions, it will give club members a chance to meet the Salt Strong crew along with other members and possibly make lasting friendships. Looking forward to future postings, emails and outings.

Kevin Schmidt

I’m interested in the 2-3 day trips. I am already an insider; will i be notified when these happen?

William Kulig

Business is about adjustment. It’s like making sure what your throwing is on straight so it doesn’t end up going round and round. I read or saw that somewhere. 🤔🤗 I’ll be down next week and can’t WAITE to get on the water. Anyway, I hope you’re not so busy your hooks are getting dust on them. If they are soak them in salt water for a few hours it cleans them up just fine. Just saying.😏

William Kulig

There’s always a need to make slight adjustments with business. It’s like keeping what your throwing on the hook straight so you don’t end up going round and round. I read or watched that somewhere. 🤔🤗 Anyway, I’ll be down next Wednesday. I can’t Waite to get on the water. I hope with all this business stuff your hooks aren’t getting dust on them guys. If they are it might be good if you soak them in salt water for a few hours. It will clean them up just fine. Just saying 😏


Good move in telling the family what’s going on.

Thomas Walker

Continued good luck as we all move forward in our fishing adventures. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to Salt Strong. Happy Birthday!!


Great info, great success this past weekend and topped I think off with a 41″ bull!!

Oliver Hughes

I totally would have tried to find you guys on the floor had I known you were at iCast. I’ve been going in support of Heroes On The Water for the last 4 years. Just keep an eye out for the one legged vet with the really good jokes — I’m hard to miss.

Ethan Brannock

It’s not easy running a business that grows this fast! That shows your guys are taking the right approach. I’ve only been a member for less than one year but you guys are entertaining and doing great things for so many people. I’m born and raised in the Bradenton/Anna Maria Island area. I’ve been fortunate enough to fish these waters my entire life. But I love seeing videos from all over Florida. You guys showed me house to use Google earth to my advantage before I hit the water and find new areas. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!! Keep it up many thanks for the tips!

Barbara McConnell

Joe, Happy birthday and no apologies needed. I failed to apply for my Insider status on a recent purchase of 8 hats and called for a correction to order. Your co-worker was most helpful and friendly! Kudos to him!! I explained the 8 hats were Christmas (stocking stuffers) gifts and how proud to share quality hats with my fishing family members. We live in St Augustine, FL and are very fortunate to have the ocean, the ICW and the St Johns River to satisfy our fishing itches. However, they all outfish my husband Tom and I; therefore, I joined your Insider group to get a leg up. Feeling invincible, Tom and I traveled to Sebastian, FL to fish for our bucket list the elusive Snook, to no avail. We blamed it on the extreme high tides due to Hurricane Irma and Maria, but we did catch redfish, mangrove snapper, sheepshead and trout. Arriving home with our head in our hands, we are viewing your videos to try to correct our errors. All this to ask if you will consider coming to St Augustine as a guide to help us strengthen our love for fishing in our own back yard? Thanks, Barbara

James Stoorza

I think you two are doing great! Being a member all the way over in Beaumont, Texas, your valuable information has had me bringing in more Reds and Speckled trout than I did before. Looking forward to the upcoming Flounder run next month so I can hit ‘re hard with your tips. I’m headed home to Stuart, Florida next week for some fishing with my Nephew and we are also going to the Ft. Lauderdale boat show. You guys going to be there, by chance? Of so, looking forward to meeting you in person. Fish Salt Strong!

Steve Bowman

Hey Guys,
I live in Atlanta. I just sent an email to you because you noticed my absence to using the insiders club etc. I’ve had throat cancer, 18 surgeries etc. I’ve always enjoyed your emails. I’ve never felt pressured to join or anything. Maybe because I can’t fish at the moment I’ve looked forward to your emails. Even when I got the same one several times.
Anyway, heads up and smiles on. Your a strong market growing company that still treats us or at least me as an individual. Ask yourself how many other companies would even bother to set up a system of any kind to check an individual’s use of a product he had bought and had ultimate access too.???? answer? YOUR’S!
Be blessed and assured that there is great fishing in Heaven.
Steve B.
Woodstock, Ga.

E Suarez

You guys are a class act, through & through. Keep it up guys. Fish On, Fish Strong.

David Lester

Hey guys, Always hard to keep up with everything in a growing startup business breaking into a well established field. Success comes from learning from what worked and from failures. I was in self-employed for 28 years before disability caused me to close it. I learned more from failures than anything else.
On another note. Could you do more for us in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties to help those of us that are left with the ability to fish from shore or from free public piers due to budgets. I love to fish for Speck and Reds and the areas I fished before Hurricane Ivan don’t fish as well anymore and there is not much here that helps find them that I have found. Thanks guy’s….

Mike Smith

The amount of emails was a little strong, I’m glad that’s being looked at. The fishing excursion sounds like a lot of fun. Look forward to hearing about it. Tight lines

Nicole Flynn
Nicole Flynn

Thanks! I do agree with number #2 and accept the apology, thanks for listening to those who must have spoke up about them. So Number one, fixed. lol I feel like it isn’t just Fishing Education, but also a Lifestyle mindset of Salt Strong. Yeah!

Curtis Sims

FYI (I’ll probably get in trouble for this), I’m a member and my wife is an insider when we met she barely knew how to cast a spinning rod (I taught her that, mostly!) and now she easily out fishes me, thanks (not). My wife and I are definitely interested in the 3 day fishing excursion and thanks for the fishing education we’ve enjoyed you guys from day one LGI…we where actually there. looking forward to the future….Cheers!

Pete Wehr

Like any new venture, you gota walk before run ! Your doing just fine.

Ralph Monnett

I would be interested in the 3day fishing exclusions with salt strong.

Cap?t Dave Wright

Hey guys…nice article and apology…BUT you really have no reason to apologize. You have done everything pretty darn right! I enjoy and actually use much of the info that you provide in your mini-seminars online. Combined with the knowledge I already have gained over the years…it has really helped the catch and enjoyment for my clients. Just when a guy thinks he is pretty good at this fishing thing, you guys appear with some great tips and tricks! Keep up the good work and let me know when you are doing the island fishing thing…I am in! Cap’t Dave Osprey, Fl

Andrew Williams

Happy Birthday Joe! You guys are doing everything right. My inshore fishing has gotten much better since I joined the insider’s club.
I only get down to Nokomis for a week or two about every other month or so and would truly like to do the 2-3 day fishing excursion with the tribe if I am down when you go. Best of luck to you all.

Tim Dyer

Happy birthday Joe,
you guys rock, I love all the stuff I’ve learned in the short time I’ve put into it so far. It’s awesome to see a small business able to make a living with a quality product at a fair price and great customer service, I hope it doesn’t change as you guys grow. I would love to toss a line with you guys anytime especially on a little fishing trip vaca..

Michael Winters

Thanks for all the awesome info on the future and what great thing we can expect to see. You guys have built an awesome community for anglers like myself. I personally can’t wait to see what the future brings to salt strong. I would definitely be interested in being a part of a 3 day excursion, I’m sure it would be mind blowing. Thanks again


Happy Birthday, Joe! I agree with most below – you need not apologize for anything. I watch quite a few fishing shows on TV. Most of them are now just for fun. You all have created an online community/courses/tips/reviews/etc. that are not only fun, but real world factual, unsponsored by the corporate mega-men, & super educational (to all levels of fishermen). I personally feel that your overall model is completely on point! Can’t wait to see & experience what is next. Joe, keep on showing that energy that we all love. Luke, keep on instructing like a true inshore fishing buddha pro. Tony, keep on bringing that brilliant kayaking content to us (my preferred method of inshore fishing). And Will, keep on keeping everyone flying straight – the whole damn tribe. Kudos to you all.

Gary shaw
Gary shaw

Saltstrong has come a long way in a short time and many anglers who have followed closely during this time can probably say the same for there increased quality of fishing knowledge. No apology needed. I know I’d love to be part of a 3 day fishing adventure, etc with y’all!

William Hagood

I purchased an on line course about a year ago and the coming soons didn’t. Some of your classes were thought provoking, others seemed to be fill.
I feel I paid a premium price for a fair value product. Your utube f.g. knot was most helpful.

kevin stevens
kevin stevens

Happy Birthday Joe!I am genuinly happy for you guys keep up the good work:)


Happy birthday!! You guys are doing the right thing. Taking ownership is hard, but the right thing to do. Not following the money of sponsorship is hard, but the right thing to do. You have focused your company around us. You validate your mission statement every step of the way. Thanks for providing a service that others in the industry couldn’t or didn’t want to figure out.


Don’t apologize for anything. You are doing great, and I love your advice on fishing.

Chris Fletcher

Happy birthday, Joe! Can’t speak for last year, but 2 years ago we tore it up on the water for your birthday, and then me and Luke smoked you and Karmen at Sequence. Good times!

Joe Thompson

okay you apologized and it is right and admirable now how about other types of fishing
pier fishing
surf fishing
jetty fishing
subcategorize it with each species
i haven’t seen much at all about pompano a true king of the table fare
gentlemen take this constructive tidbit and nurture it into something you can be proud of
transparency is always goos but truth comes in the pudding of doing it after you say it
you will want money from me i get it
give me something other than the redundant things you publish i want to see other types of fishing and techniques and rigs
thanking you most generously for providing a service to those who know who don’t know and those that will because you did

Bryan Laubacher

I feel that you guys are doing a great job. Doing what you love. It is the American dream. I would love to go fishing with you guys. Pine island is my favorite place to go. Let me know and we can coordinate schedules. My father is coming down this January. I am in freedom boat club and love putting the tips to good use. Keep up the awesome work. TIght line, Bryan. Hope your families are salt strong.

Capt Lee Parsons
Capt Lee Parsons

Hi guys and BTW, Happy “B” day!
I am Capt Lee Parsons located in southern NC. Been a full time guide for the last 22 years and there are some things that I would like to chat with you about in private. Shoot me a email when you get a chance so we can exchange phone #s
Thanks, Capt. Lee

David Mihalov

……I really do like the videos you post and all the info. that you post…..just keep up the great work don’t stop. I have learned a lot from you guys about fishing… never stop learning….just keep up what you are doing and thanks for the knowledge you have offered me…thanks again…..David G. Mihalov……Houston, Texas……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Hill

I agree no apologies needed. Ya’ll have already increased my fishing awareness and really have me excited about inland shore fishing. I live 4 hours from nc coast but am retiring in may of 2018 and plan on increasing my time on the water with your help. Videos and emails have improved and keep geting better even though they were great to begin with. Ya’ll just keep up the good work and keep on keeping on.

George Zartman

I have certainly learned a lot from you guys. I enjoy your posts and the variety. I do agree that I get too many emails. Thanks for taking the time to re-evaluate your business; however, the next time you want to apologize don’t make it a novel. Shorter is always better. Not trying to be condeming but rather just suggesting guys aren’t going to read sometime so verbose. Looking forward to the Fishing trips. I always go out alone. Would love to someday go out with one of you. Be blessed.
In His Grip
George Zartman

Larry Carr

No apologies needed.

Steve Argabright

I would love to join one of the three day fishing excursions!

Virginia Murray

Well I really do not know where to start😍number one I am a 70 year old girl who comes from a long line of”‘Fisher Girls”👍I was so happy to find your web sight and have enjoyed everything about your fishing education videos as well and maybe the most important thing for me, a place to learn to catch and out fish the men in my family😅OK❗️Just Kidding🤡Congratulations on your new son , I have two sons who are awesome and four grandsons who are just as awesome. I can’t wait for cooler weather so we can get back to our Suwannee Condo on the gulf and start using all the lessons you have given and that I have watched over and over again 😀 Hey❗️And about negative comments from some….trust me it helps you shave off any square corners and then you just get to roll on instead of bumping along❗️You are doing fantastic so again Thank-You and God Bless ❗️Salt Strong and Fish on❗️

Scott Thomas

No apologies needed and congratulations of the new addition to the family.
To say the least, you guys do a fantastic job of teaching us how to better our time on the water. Your videos and discussions really provide a very powerful aid in your teaching. There is no better way than to explain how to do it then show how to do it. Y’all do that very effectively. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of SaltStrong.
BTW, I’m in for the 3 day adventure!!


No apology needed for me. I’m a fairly new member, and haven’t even scratched the surface of all the stuff that is there for me to use to educate myself. The emails are not an issue for me, as I simply skip over one if it doesn’t interest me at that time. I have been pleased a couple of times when I gat an email about a new posting that I might have otherwise missed. My main area of interest is Nokomis/Venice/Englewood. It would be very cool to see a few articles/videos from this area. I’m newly retired and get out as often as I can, but not as much as I thought I might when I first retired. Will continue to improve my catch ratios. I do like the idea from another member about a pre-fishing process. I have found that a plan before getting on the water helps…

Darrel Kopsa

I first found a demo of the FG knot, which amazed me. This led me to join your followers. Those who are telling you to add more fresh water info are missing the boat. All the info pertaining to catchingpredatory fish is just relevent in any water! I will probably never fish in the Salt but, my bass and catfish don’t know where I’m getting my information. Don’t change for me. I can translate.

Ken Pawlowski
Ken Pawlowski

I realize it will take a while to work all the way across the country, but i am hoping (and looking forward to) the day you have some West Coast content. While it appears there is some amazing fishing in the Florida region, and I would love to experience it sometime, most of my fishing is out west – San Diego and Baja for tuna, yellowtail, dorado, etc.

I do appreciate some basic things like your knot comparisons/tutorials, but unfortunately most does not apply to us out here on the left coast. Once it does (hopefully sooner with new coaches and plans) then I would definitely go all in!

Tight lines and tails up!

Craig Gallagher

Happy Birthday and congrats on your newborn. More on freshwater fishing would be appreciated but I will use your saltwater fishing info during the six months we spent in Florida each year. Thanks again.


I appreciate your sincerity and transparency. While I’m not an “insider” I still enjoy the two things that brought me to Salt Strong; ‘How To Vids’ (Luke’s knot tying vids esp!), and fishing action vids. I especially like the clean-cut, family and GOD friendly content and approach. I spent 35 years on the Texas Gulf Coast but now I live in the desolate wastes of far north Texas where my fishing is greatly reduced else I’d consider the Insider Club. Best of luck going forward guys!

Richard Gullen

Short and sweet. Absolutely no apologies needed.
If I got an email about something that didn’t apply to me like “fishing in clear water” I would just not read it. Better too much, than not enough. IMO.
Conrats on being a new dad. Freakin amazing isn’t it!
Happy B-Day.

Yes, I would love to do the fishing excursions.
Here are a few suggestions from me,
1. There is so much to learn and retain that it can become overwhelming. Would like to see a “Steps to take prior to your fishing trip” post. That way I don’t have to review a bunch of stuff to make sure I haven’t forgot anything.
2. One of the main reasons I joined was because your focus has been on coastal salt water fishing. I get that you need to expand but give us the ability to only see content we are interested in, for the type of fishing we do.
3. It would be really nice to not get the sales pitches once we are part of the “Insider Tribe”. I’m in, already. Figure out a way that insiders don’t have to wade through the “Insider sales pitch”. Make sure I see the other offers though.
4. Can we ask questions when we don’t fully understand something by email? If so, I need an email address for questions. Maybe I missed that somehow.
5. You need to have a contest, like a once a month drawing for all insider members where, if your name gets called, you get a fishing trip with one or both of you guys. That would be very, very, cool and would keep peoples attention.

Keep up the great work guys, love your online fishing club and it has made me a better fisherman.

Rick G.

Will Mason

Hey Rick, Thank you for the great comments! You can email me anytime at Would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stephen Scott

Thank for the sincere message! You guys are great and have a lot to offer, and I don’t usually offer free consulting since its one of the things I have made a living off over the years but I like Salt Strong!!! 1) your brand is Salt so stay saltwater or you will confuse your audience. Freshwater has a larger audience so you are missing out on a growth area and larger opportunity!(you will need to re-brand to make that happen so the community understands the mission)… 2) getting out of the apparel biz is mistake, not only can you use the money to grow the educational foundation but you are forgetting about your colors. When people believe in something they want to show their support, show they belong to something, believe in something, fly the flag and use it to tell all the unaware all about what they are missing out on!!! 3) when you communicate, its one way…let me know that…I have emailed you back but no reply..establish a channel for communications so the audience knows hows to contact you the proper way! 4) Communications in general, there a lot of places to be, tell the user where and when to be…I want one spot to go and see it all, people are busy so affect use of their time is important…this is a customer experience and someone should be responsible for it on your end..its a fulltime job! 5) You give alot of free away which is awesome but it devalues all the training…you need to work on a training strategy around social media and to ensure you create new insiders for the club…and like myself, where do I go when I have taken all your courses…retention, you have me now don’t lose me!! Plenty more where came from…lol good luck, tight lines and rock on!!!! NC SALT

Cowboy Everly

Howdy Joe…. Super Job !!! You Guys Keep on Keeping On. One thing I have always tried to do.
Just Don’t take it Personal, both the Good & the Bad.

We will have lots of it throughout life. Yes it is always nice to hear good things.

However when & if the bad comes along. Just remember to follow your heart & passion.

I can feel your passion & belief & excitement in what you are doing. Heck, it works. You keep the faith, I have faith in you Guys.

I’m Proud & Glad to be an Insider Member & look forward to your growth & success. Also look forward to meeting you & the Team sometime.

Yours Truly,
Capt Cowboy

Gary Domian

Happy Birthday. Congratulations on the birth of your son. I wish you guys were more into bass fishing but I still enjoy the reads. Tight-lines

Tim Gallagher

You Guys are doing Great!! Keep it up and all the best for Continued HUGE GROWTH!!! Also, count me in on the 3 day trip too!! Tim G

Norman Black

More fun more fish and great videos is what you do. It’s been great and I’m sure you’ll only get better. I just hope the new coaches don’t cause us to see less of Luke’s videos. Very satisfied life insider.

Kent Grose
Kent Grose

Happy Birthday and congrats on the addition to the Salt Strong family! Just do what you love and you will do it well! I look forward to the opportunities to continue to learn and share the saltwater experience.

You, Luke and the rest of the staff are amazing!

Strong knots and tight lines to all….


When you start fishing the lower Laguna Madre I will join.

Congratulations on the birth of your son. Your life will be enhanced by him. I have really enjoyed your emails –they are entertaining & informative, you have a good screen presence and are easy to follow as you impart fishing knowledge in an easy to understand fashion. I fish on the S.C. coast only in a sporadic fashion, but enjoy catching trout & redfish on artificial lures. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Birthday!!

Michael Hazelrig

Thanks, no apology was needed in my opinion. Your biggest and best “product” has always been information as far as I’m concerned. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m excited for things to come.

michael higgins (bonedoc)

I’m in for the 3 day. Love to bring my boys

Bob Chilson

Keep up the excellent work! Your site is great and helps people more than you can imagine. Only change what you want because it just seems to get better with every email. Thanks

Cleve Carpenter

Guys, I salute you in recognizing the issues. I did notice that the emails were becoming overwhelming. Due to time, I could only read and digest 1-2 emails every other day. By the time I get to finish reading those one or two emails, I have 3-4 more in the box. Also, I was just about to buy something from the store when it was shut down. I thought there was cool clothing there. I see your vision and applaud it.

Peter Waskiewicz

To my Salt Strong family: How I do appreciate your letter, I think it’s really unnecessary. I actually enjoy all the emails that are sent to me. I understand the concept of everything you’re trying to do. I truly believe that Education is number #1 & with all the information ie: tips, videos & courses that are available, is awesome.

As far the apparel goes! I love it, I’m a dedicated member proud to wear it & what I believe. To give you just one of many examples:

This past summer I was on a charterboat wearing one of our flounder shirts. A gentleman with son came up to me asked me “what’s that shirt all about” (well there you go) I explain to him what Salt Strong is all about. His son was so amazed how big the flounder was on my shirt lol. I moved my gear next to them, we talked throughout the whole trip, catching fish, having fun & laughing you name it. We shared ideas but most of all we were educating each other. I know for a fact that his son knows a lot more about fishing now. It’s an awesome feeling sharing. I thank Salt Strong for this.

I’ve been an active member for a very long time. I take all information from the courses you provide etc… & I retain, practice & share it, this is what it’s all about. Even know I live in the State of New Jersey & you are in Florida, I understand the concept & It’s working.

One thing I would like to see is, all the different species be acessible in a chart form to the members on the website somewhere for the whole East Coast with techniques, videos tips etc… that would be really cool.

As for all the negativity feedback that you guys are getting. I’m sure it’s downright hurtful & upsetting but we all know there’ll always be this “It is what it Is” so keep on doing what you’re doing. Hats off to you both for trying to appease & rectify on going issues. This just goes to shows me how professional & dedicated you are to the Salt Strong family & that takes kahunas. Thank you!!!

Salt Strong has a bright future, isn’t it amazing what you accomplish so far on something you truly believe in & proud of. “that is so awesome “

So to my family at Salt Strong, Luke, Joe & all of your staff & families. I salute you for all the hard work, professionalism, dedication & sacrifices you all endured.

Salt Strong! My son Jaxson & I without a doubt will ride this wave with you my family .

Tight lines & Fish on 🎣

Mike McCorkhill

Count me in on the 3 day fishing party. And keep the emails coming. Very informative and educational. I can use more of it. Thank you Joe, Luke, Tony and all the tribe members.

Dave Fitch

People often forget that you guys are in business, to earn a living, and not just a couple of “Yahoo’s” throwing up YouTube video’s online, for your own amusement. I believe that people may tend to react negatively to your “selling efforts”, because they have forgotten that you are businessmen, as well as fishermen !

With that said, I have an idea that I think would benefit both you and fishermen . . . Start an online Forum ( not a “Blog” or a Facebook page, PLEASE ! ) where information and ideas can be openly be discussed and shared.

An excellent example of this is Alan Tani’s website “” . . . I suggest that you contact Alan and discuss the situation with him. His email address is

There should be many different topic categories, in order to cover things effectively . . . Such as “Inshore”, “bridge”, “pier” “surf”, “wade”, “articles”, “tips & techniques”, “how-to”, “regional fishing reports”, etc.

Naturally, you will feature your business in the Forum, as well as other Sponsors, if desired. Blend it in and let everything “flow” naturally, much like free-lining !

Create a sense of “family / camaraderie”, where everyone feels comfortable and at ease . . . Just like when we are fishing with friends !

Scott Rispaud

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I could not be happier to be an insider. I caught my 1st Stiped Bass at 5 yrs old and I have been “hooked” on fishing ever since. I LOVE the focus on fishing and not promoting sponsor products…it is what separates Saltstrong from the other fish in the pond. So many years fishing and I never stop learning (in part my thanks to you) Unfortunately I can’t ask you to do any more than you are offering as you seem to cover everything I want to know!!! However, I am over the top when it comes to the fishing excursions…cant wait. Florida is home with the greatest of fisheries and though it is really not my thing, I will be looking forward to the freshwater series as I need Peacocks off my bucket list! Enjoy the day and your beautiful baby!


Chad Coleman

You guys are doing an amazing job! You can communicate with me AS MUCH as you want, I love seeing Salt Strong emails. There is so much negativity in this world today, I embrace anything and everything positive. Salt Strong bleeds positivity. Its so sad that there are people that hate to see other people succeed. Hope you have a Great Birthday!!

Don Altman

Count me in for the 2-3 day excursions, actually heading down to Oak Hill in November!

Don Altman

I really wasn’t confused by any of the communications from Salt Strong. I am learning so much about proper set up and rigging, identifying spots, techniques, etc. which until I became an Insider, was mostly guess work! Thanks to you guys for hanging in there! Just wish I could find a Salt Strong Insider Hat for my big head!!!

Steven Free

Personally I think you guys are doing a great job and if your sending info then how is it too much emails I believe people that did not believe in you were just plain jealous because you had the courage to try and make it happen and they were just plain scared well your the proof that those people were wrong and that good things can happen in the fishing industry and not just new lures or equipment I think you guys are extremely knowledgeable in what you teach and yes it can get a little expensive not everyone can spend a hundred here and there on a course but it’s well worth it and my father taught me you get what you pay for and if it’s cheap chances are the product is as well I’m 53 going on 54 this Jan 3 and am impressed when young guys like you can teach an old dog like me new tricks so to me no apologies necessary to me you guys are awesome and if some don’t then agree screw them thank you and God bless you for all you do and as the new generation saying goes never give up😉

Alberto Velazquez Torres

Great and smart letter Joe!
You guys are getting sharp!, at the beginning of the letter I thought what the heck he’s talking about?, then I understood what other people may being feeling, and finally got the point.
Personally I think you guys are awesome, I was thirsty and hungry for fishing knowledge when I found you guys now I have done progress and I am happy to be one insider!
Thank you Simonds brothers!

Gregory Batchelor

Happy Birthday and keep up the good work. Mistakes make you stronger! I love reading your emails so keep them coming.

Jacob McGee
Jacob McGee

Keep up the good work guys no apologies needed

Guy LeVeille

And yes, VERY interested in hearing moreover about the fishing excursion!

Richard Messerly

Happy Birthday, and congratulations on being a new dad, and role model, for your son!
Thanks for reminding folks you are human, and make mistakes like all of us! Sharing the pros and cons is one of your many strengths! It will keep your business growing!
You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!
Thank you!

Guy LeVeille

An apology? Are you kidding me? I joined Salt Strong Insider club only a couple of days after reading some of your free information. That decision was based entirely on just how DIFFERENT this club was from anything I had ever read or watched before!
Case in point: I recently retired from the military after nearly 28 years of service and moved to Florida to start living a lifetime dream of salt water fishing and going after Tarpon specifically. After watching one of Tony Acevedo’s recent videos on shore fishing in Mosquito Lagoon, I was fired up! With his outstanding instructions and geographic directions (he told me EXACTLY where to go and what to use), I followed his advice to a T! I went yesterday and caught my very first Tarpon (1 of 3) and about a half dozen Snook……and lost probably 3 times that many (I’m a rookie)!
I had a smile on my face all day long! I had one of the best days on the water I have ever experienced! All due to the knowledge and information from the Salt Strong community.
So please, no apologies necessary! Just keep the info coming! Great stuff guys! THANK YOU!!!!
PS. You can expect to see a couple of my PICS’s on the FB page soon! I gotta share my first Tarpon (and 1st Snook too!)

Frank Losito

Hey Guys, I am enjoying my insider membership and I’m learning a bunch.
Sadly, when I joined I wasn’t unaware that the content would be so geared towards artificial fisherman. Probably 75% of my Fishing is with live bait (whitebait & shrimp). Are there any plans for expansion into that realm? I wonder if any other members would be interested in that.

I found you guys through your podcasts, they are awesome. I continue to be disappointed that XM does not have a Fishing channel. Your podcasts fill that void nicely. Now I can listen to Fishin stuff all day when I’m in my truck. I say this to thank you and to make sure that your other members are aware and enjoy your podcasts as well.

Thanks again for all that you are doing and I am enjoying outfishing my buddies already thanks to Salt Strong.
Fish on (Pa-Pow)
Frank L

Luke Simonds

Hey Frank, thanks for sharing your feedback.

Our weekly Insider Reports have been focused on artificials because that’s what we do best with when exploring new areas given that they enable much more water to be explored.

But I’ll make a point to include some live bait reports to address the alterations that need to make when live bait fishing (they are slight, but they do make a difference).

As for whitebait specific tutorials, did you see the mini-course that we put together that covers how to fish with whitebait (boat positioning, gear, rigging, hook setting, etc.? If not, here’s a direct link:

Keep up the great work outfishing your buddies:)

We’ll make sure to get some new podcasts going soon. Fish On!

Jared Martin

First off I wanna say thank you for providing such a great community and family. I know I’m not a very active member, I don’t get to fish very often unfortunately, but what I’ve learned definitely helps. Secondly, I love the fact that you guys are hands on and want to do this on your own without the help of sponsors. Major cudos! I’m also looking forward to the new coaches and what they have to offer to this amazing family. Fish on. Fish Strong!!!

John Freeman

Happy birthday hope you have a great day.
I was one of the first to join. I don’t log on everyday (wish I could ) but my job gets in the way. Working 6 day’s a week and I try to get on the water at least 3 times a month. What y’all are doing has helped me to understand how to use my little time and enjoy the mornings I get . Thank you for sharing your experience. Salt strong for Life ! John Freeman

Andrew Walton

Keep up the great work, I read every email and would be very interested in the excursion, apology totally unnecessary

John Cooper

thanks guys for the sincere letter. I am new to the club but I am really excited to learn more and start catching more fish so I can share this with my boys also. I love your mission statement and I know your success is just a testimony of your Faith and following where God leads you.
Looking forward to the future and continued education in fishing.
God Bless,
John Cooper

p.s. I would be interested in the excursion if it fits my schedule.

Bill Clark

Salt Strong has been an awesome solution for my fishing life. Most of my saltwater life has been spent offshore where I went catching, not fishing. A few years ago I downsized from a 28′ Baja to a 17′ Mako then to a 20′ Proline (I still like to do near shore trips)and have been fishing not catching on the inshore side. The material Salt Strong provides has been a huge help and I’ve only been able to use it a couple of times (bad weather and work schedule) . Total change of how I think. When I went offshore I had a plan, which breaks, reefs and wrecks. Previously, inshore, I literally wandered around “looking” for fish, spent half my time getting bait then trying to catch something, anything.
So, keep it coming and thanks for all you are doing.

BTW: I cant imagine getting too much information if you are serious about catching, maybe too much of the same thing over and over.
I would be interested in hearing more about the excursion.

Neal Snyder

Very long apology….keep on making fishing video’s, no need to try to be everything(apparel, viral video guys) to everybody you just need to be the guys we go to to learn to fish. Nobody likes to be sold anything … had me hooked on your videos and instructional content so I felt like I wanted to buy into the insiders club to support you….I hesitated to join because once I showed interest in the club your emails came at me like sharks wanting my hooked fish.

Glad I did join ; stay true to what you want to do and those that follow will follow and those who don’t won’t.

Love the fishing trip idea and the insiders club FB page all the folks seem very willing to share knowledge and looking forward to those fishing coach videos.

Dave Otte

Joe, I think that you, Tony, Luke and Will are doing an outstanding job. Please focus on what you’re doing well and let the negativity flow over you – it will always be there. We can’t meet everyone’s expectations and there will always be negative people that want to tear us down. Don’t fall for it. I caught 7 red fish last weekend because of what you provide for me. Before I was part of the Salt Strong family, I had never landed a fish in my kayak and I was about to give up. That’s my fishing testimony.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11-14

Mark Huling

Wow, great email! Straight forward apologies and explanations. I enjoy being a part of the Salt Strong community. Keep up the great work and good luck. A couple of things:
-I should call but I’m not sure what type of Salt Strong Member I am. I have purchased on-line courses and a membership. What is your latest $.27 per day offer? Is it the membership I have?
– Are you still selling the weighted hooks, etc?
-I’d be interested a fishing excursion
-Here’s an invitation for Tony to come to Ormond Beach to fish the Tomoka Basin with some of us here.

Will Mason

Hey Mark, Thanks so much! Please email me at I’d be happy to help get your account squared away.

Tim Polovina

Have not written to you guys much or maybe never that I recall but I did join insider fisherman and some specialty classes because at 65 yrs old I was looking to shave a few years off my learn time on the water. As a rabid golfer all my life I shattered my hand in a fall and cannot play anymore and the gap in life was filled with fishing. I’m not a beginner and caught my share of trophy fish that I fish for, snook, reds and trout. Won a few kayak tourneys in Stuart and Ft Pierce, bought a Native Slayer 13, Hewes Bonefisher boat so I def have the tools. But I will say that I was a “live bait” guy through and through. You all have got me excited to using artificial’ s, (your manifesto started it) and the miracle is the GOLD SPOON that I fell in love with on the flats. I do love the “Thump”. I have not gotten to the point I’m sharing on your posts where or how I fish (I take the tournaments too seriously as yet) but you guys are making a difference in my and many more fishing lives. So Thank you very sincerely. Tim Polovina Jupiter Fl


Am interested in excursions. Lifelong freshwater fisher but fairly new to inshore . Located 90 min south of you guys.