Weekly Newsletter: 4-4-21

It’s newsletter time!

Most of us had a decent cold front come through a couple of days ago to give us a little reminder that we’re still in a transition period.

Look for fish in water that’s deeper than where they were previously holding, and be sure to keep an eye out here at Salt Strong to stay in tune with the current trends!

And speaking of trends, we’ve got a bunch of great tips for you in this week’s newsletter, including:

  • The top 5 lures to catch inshore slams in the springtime
  • How to catch endless +20″ speckled trout (without live bait
  • The best shoes to wear when kayak fishing (in all seasons)
  • A new Penn reel review
  • The best fishing sunglasses lens material (glass vs. plastic)

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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The State Of The Current Fishing Tackle Union

If you're sick and tired of hearing all of the excuses about why it's hard to find tackle, here's what's going on.
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FISHING SUNGLASSES: Glass vs. Plastic Lenses (Pros & Cons Of Each)

Want to know which lens material to choose for your fishing sunglasses? See the pros and cons of glass vs. plastic lenses and know which...
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Best Shoes To Wear When Kayak Fishing (In All Seasons)

Want to know which shoes you should wear when kayak fishing? See our top shoes for when it's warm or cold out, so you can keep your feet...
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How To Catch Endless 20+ Inch Speckled Trout (Without Live Bait)

Want nonstop action with 20"+ trout? Watch this LIVE fishing trip to see where we were fishing, what lures we were using, and how to pick...
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How To Chum Up Snapper (For Tight Lines & Delicious Dinners)

Want nonstop action and good-eating fish? This style of fishing is perfect for that! See how and where to chum up snapper and learn what...
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Top 5 Fishing Lures To Catch Spring Inshore Slams

Want to catch more slams this spring? Then you've got to see these top 5 spring lures! Whether the water is warm or cool, shallow or deep...
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Penn Fierce III Review (Top Pros & Cons, And Who It’s For)

Looking for a durable, affordable reel? Check out this review of the Penn Fierce III and see who it's for, what the pros and cons are, and...
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Why Many Of The Most Realistic Saltwater Lures Don’t Work…

Some lures catch fish. Other lures catch fishermen. Why is it that many realistic lures don't work? It's about more than just looks. It's all...
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Paul Brown Fat Boy vs. Fat Boy Pro (Similarities, Differences & Hacks)

Thinking about getting the Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro? This is an excellent trout lure and in this video, you'll learn about how it's different...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 4-1-21 [Open Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:45 – Smart Fishing Tides Explained 0:01:50...
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Spring Inshore Spot Trends [Spot Dissection – Florida Panhandle]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be showing a common trend when it comes to finding spots in the spring for inshore fishing.. The...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [April 2nd – 4th]

See the game plan to use this weekend for catching inshore slams based on the latest feeding trends and the cold front that's pushing through.
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Brianne Dijamco

Do you ever go night fishing? This angler had an awesome night trip recently and the bite was on FIRE! They caught redfish and snook and in this...
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Nearshore Fishing Rigs and Gear For Kingfish [w/Capt. Peter Deeks]

It’s kingfish time! Well almost….. Which is why we want you to get a head start on gearing up for these nearshore fighters! Fishing for...
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