Living On An Island For 31 Days (And What I Discovered About Fishing)


It’s podcast time!

When Luke and I first started Salt Strong we decided we needed to prove that what we’re preaching about fishing really works.

So we issued ourselves the ultimate challenge:

We were going to live on an island for 31 days… and not just any island… I’m talking about a place with no stores, no restaurants, and no cars!

Here were our rules for the 31 days:

  1. We couldn’t leave the island (no mainland trips)
  2. We had to catch enough food to feed ourselves (on top of the boatload of food we brought over)
  3. We had to try new spots every day
  4. We could only use live bait as a last resort
  5. We had to film and document the entire thing

Quick backstory on why this was so scary for me…

At the time, I was living in Atlanta getting ready to move back down to Florida.

If you know anything about geography, Atlanta is not exactly the saltwater fishing capital of the world.

To make matters worse, I hadn’t been fishing in about four months, so the thought of forcing myself to live off of the fish I caught using artificial lures was rather terrifying.

In this week’s podcast episode I share the entire story of how this all went down, including how I transformed into a complete angler through the challenge.


31 Days On A Fishing Island

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Catching Slams On Artificials

Spoiler alert: we did, in fact, survive the 31 days (and caught plenty of fish).

This video shows a slam we caught on an outgoing tide in Turtle Bay and Bull Bay.

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And here are some more highlights of us catching snook, redfish, trout, and jacks.

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The whole point of this story is that if you learn the trends like Luke did, and get a coach like I did, you can transform into a complete angler, too.

Before this trip, I hadn’t wet a line in over four months, and here I was catching slams on artificial lures 11 days in a row! This was inconceivable for me while I was in Atlanta, but it’s proof that anyone can become a complete angler with the right instruction.

To help you learn more about how I became a complete angler, I put together this webinar about the three major secrets I learned to 5X my inshore fishing game:

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Dave Otte
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this Joe, I really appreciated it and the video of the trip. This really wasn’t that long ago, and look at how much has happened since then! I hope people that see this will believe that their fishing can also change for the better real quick after applying what they learn in this club and community. It sure did for me!


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